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We bring emotion, mindset and a resilient skill set into business because we care about mental health and wellbeing. We tackle the real pain points of individual performance, team dynamics, leadership and culture.

Resilience coaching

Personal resilience

Our resilience coaching programme gives you expert 1:1 support in building the skillset and mindset for your personal wellbeing and performance. Resilience coaching develops and builds high performance behaviours and thinking styles that give you the road map to remarkable and game changing results.

Resilience coaching

Prevention rather than cure

Burnout. Do your bright lights know how to avoid it?

Don't lose people and profits. Give your talent key skills that are taught in elite military, coaching, counselling and leadership environments. All designed to ensure burnout isn't an issue.
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Resilient Team
Resilient Teams

Moving beyond wellbeing. Do your teams have what it takes?

Wellbeing initiatives such as mindfulness, exercise and information have their place, but we need to move beyond that with resilience. Teams need thinking, emotional and connection skills to be truly resilient.
Resilient Teams
Resilient Leaders

Leaders. Do they know how to build resilience in themselves and others?

Do they know how to grow, adapt and perform during times of change and challenge? Are they responsible for improving their own resilience and in their people?
Resilient Leader
Resilient culture

Culture. Does yours promote wellbeing and resilience?

We work with some well-known worldwide brands to help their teams be more engaged and effective through large scale mindset and behavioural change. If people change their behaviour, culture follows.
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Everyone benefits

Not all resilience training and development is the same. Raising resilience with us activates potential, ignites the team and accelerates the business. It leads to amazing results:

increase in engagement survey scores in a mature organisation
reduction in annual voluntary attrition when compared to a control group
ROI in year 1
increase in average optimism levels
hidden attrition risk removed
won including Investing in People and Mind 2017/18 Wellbeing Index

Case studies

Read how working with us has helped people win awards, increase engagement scores, decrease absence days and measure the return on investment

International bank

Building a world class leadership team.


Breaking down the barriers to learning.

Building resilience in social workers

Social Care

Performing through resilient change.

Building blocks of resilience

Culture change

Increasing productivity & engagement.

Who we make a difference to

Here's a few of the diverse organisations we've worked with to raise resilience. If you are responsible for learning, development, wellbeing or change initiatives within your organisation please get in touch.

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Our Blog

Dealing with change and the 5Rs

When building resilience, we encourage people to see change and transition as two different things. The difference is subtle but important. Change is external whereas transition is internal. It’s how we think about change, engage and respond to it. Having the skills to adapt means transitioning is the holy grail of successful change.

It’s official: Burnout is real

The leader who tries to do it all is headed for burnout, and in a powerful hurry. Read how to spot the signs of burnout according to The World Health Organisation and how building resilience helps avoid it before it's too late.

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