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We help people, teams, managers, leaders and organisations rise to their challenge with resilience

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Transforming lives, wellbeing and performance

We are an award winning  provider of skills based resilience training and coaching that delivers better and long lasting behaviour change. We give people the tools to lower stress, beat anxiety, increase engagement and boost productivity. When you partner with us to raise your resilience, it’s a life changing experience.  

Trusted by the experts

" The External Learning Solution of the Year Award is presented to a learning provider that has undertaken a major learning and development project for a client that is innovative in concept and has produced demonstrable performance improvement and business impact for the client as well as evidence of value for money. It's the highest accolade you can receive in workplace learning and development."
The Learning & Performance Institute
Learning Awards Winner
how we help you and your organisation

Make resilience your new normal

Since 2013 we have specialised in helping people raise their resilience. Our unique programmes, methodology and content is why people choose to work with us. We partner with you to affect real change rather than just products and services, we tend to leave that to others. It’s why we are trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations.  

Specialist 1:1 coaching sessions focused on fast and effective changes in how you think, feel and behave.


Bite-size sessions delivering practical strategies and tools to lower stress and increase productivity. We help you create an environment where people thrive.

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Give your leaders the skills to drive change and performance without it coming at a cost to them or the people around them.

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Create a scalable solution that reaches not just the top leadership but those on the frontline. Stand back and watch as your culture drives change from the bottom up.

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We provide a wide range of coaching services to meet your needs. We specialise in resilience, executive and transition coaching.

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What could resilience mean to you?

Building resilience is no longer a nice to have. Being able to thrive and change is essential. Listen as we and our clients explain what resilience means and how it can help you live better, work better and feel better.

case studies

Client stories

Discover how a short resilience programme dramatically reduced the need for clinical intervention in a population of 900 people.

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Read how a sustainable change in thinking helped a 900 strong workforce increase engagement, psychological safety, productivity and win them multiple awards.

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Discover how we helped a 100 strong team of mental health and social workers move from one of the worst, to one of the best performing boroughs in London.

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Read how we delivered a new skill set to 120 leaders and managers so they could lead significant and ongoing change without losing people whilst still delivering results.

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Read how Dan changed his life by increasing his optimism by 150% whilst reducing stress by 84% and anxiety by 71%.