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Welcome to The Resilience Development Company. We help your people, teams, managers, leaders and organisation rise to their challenges with resilience.

Resilience is no longer a nice to have.

It's the competitive advantage that turns potential into performance.

The real bottleneck to growth isn’t technology but the very human challenges of regulating emotion, mindset and relationships.

Make Resilience Your New Normal

Raising your resilience with us means adaptability. Not just coping, but thriving and adapting mindset and behaviours to fit new challenges and circumstances. We partner with you to build a culture where resilience isn’t just about a response. It’s about a state of readiness that drives performance and supports wellbeing. 

team development

Resilient Team

Create an environment where people thrive and everyone has the tools and skills they need to excel.


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resilience for leaders

Resilient Leaders

Resilience is a skill set of all high performing leaders. Learn how to develop it in yourself and others.


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Resilient culture

build a culture of resilience

Everyone from CEO to frontline. Stand back and watch as your culture drives change from the bottom up.

A shared Language And SKILL SET

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wellbeing support

Resilience Coaching And Wellbeing Support

Work with your resilience coach and quickly get to the nub of your wellbeing, adaptability and performance.

complimentary initial session

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coaching services

life, executive and transitions

Ready to start changing your life for better results or quicker transitions? We have the right coach for you.

Helping You Unstick The Stuck

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online coaching & training

instant access resilience courses

Build your resilience at your pace, around your schedule, on any device.


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Why choose us?

There's resilience training and then there's developing resilience with The Resilience Development Company

Resilience isn’t a skill set that can be passively learnt from reading a book, listening to a podcast or attending a lunch and learn seminar. Our resilience training, coaching and wellbeing support delivers better and long-lasting behaviour change because of our unique programmes and methodology. We give you the tools to lower stress, beat anxiety, increase engagement and boost productivity. When you partner with us, it’s a life-changing experience.

Through our three year partnership with Resilience Development Company, we have seen a marked increase in employees telling us that they feel more able to deal with everyday stresses, both in the workplace and in their personal lives, as well as a rise in productivity and collaboration.

The programme is an important contributor to our commitment to creating a positive workplace culture.
David Bailey
COO - Royal bank of canada
Wealth Management
Providing the tools our staff need to look after their emotional resilience and create an environment in which people can talk openly about their mental and physical wellbeing has had a really positive impact on everyone. Everyone has the tools they need to deliver great levels of care while looking after their own wellbeing. We have everything we need to support each other and build a stronger, more connected team.
Gemma Blunt

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Best Health & Wellbeing Solution

Corporate Adviser Awards 2020 

case studies

A science backed solution that works

Discover how a short resilience training  programme dramatically reduced the need for clinical intervention in a population of 900 people.

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Read how we delivered a new skill set to 120 leaders and managers so they could lead significant and ongoing change without losing people whilst still delivering results.

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Read how Dan changed his life by increasing his optimism by 150% whilst reducing stress by 84% and anxiety by 71%.