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From small change to a big challenge, The Resilience Development Company offers your people coaching, content and award-winning programmes designed to transform how they feel, live and work.

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Individual transformation fuels organisational growth

By investing in skills that underpin resilience and wellbeing, you’re building a high-performing culture that accelerates business and personal growth.

Because the real bottleneck to growth isn’t technology but the very human challenges of regulating emotion, mindset and relationships. Focusing on the mental, emotional and social pillars of resilience empowers your people. They feel more positive, engaged and connected to every part of their lives.

Resilience training, coaching and content that changes lives

Science, data and insight underpin our work, but our approach is fundamentally human. Understanding thinking, feelings, and behaviour are at the core of The Resilience Development Company experience because life and change can be challenging. Still, it’s a lot easier when you have the skills you need.

You'll be in good company

Being resilient isn’t just about thriving professionally. We help you build happier, healthier and more resilient workforces by giving your employees the skills they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives. When your people bring that drive back into the workplace, they develop strength. And strong teams set the conditions where everyone thrives.

Discover how a short resilience training  programme dramatically reduced the need for clinical intervention in a population of 900 people.

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Read how a sustainable change in thinking helped a 900 strong workforce increase engagement, psychological safety, productivity and win them multiple awards.

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Discover how resilience training helped a 100 strong team of mental health and social workers move from one of the worst, to one of the best performing boroughs in London.

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Read how we delivered a new skill set to 120 leaders and managers so they could lead significant and ongoing change without losing people whilst still delivering results.

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Read how Dan changed his life by increasing his optimism by 150% whilst reducing stress by 84% and anxiety by 71%.

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Give your people the skills they need to rise resilient everyday

Are you concerned about the impact that change has on your people? Tired of being reactive to issues involving workplace wellbeing? Ready to put a resilience strategy in place which actually drives team productivity, leadership effectiveness and engagement?