10 Days of Resilience

The Covid-19 pandemic brings big challenges for our mental health and wellbeing whether you're isolating at home or trying to live with the new restrictions. This free e-mail programme can help you cope and find a little more resilience in these crazy times.

    Boost Your Wellbeing

    10 Days of Resilience is a FREE e-mail programme which guides you through daily actions for resilient living. Everything we do together will guide you through small actions you can take over time, leading to significant changes. And it's all research-backed and taken from our work in organisations and coaching practice.

    resilience coaching email

    1. A daily e-mail

    Every morning you receive a daily activity into your inbox.

    2. A quick activity

    These simple actions boost your wellbeing and resilience day by day.​​

    3. After 10 days

    You'll have 10 tools to help you be more resilient and bring more resilience to others too.

      What Are You Waiting For?

      Thousands of people have already transformed their resilience with us and we understand that sometimes you might need a reason to join. Here's what people are saying....