February 2017

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This Four-Letter Word Can Change Your Perspective and Accelerate Change

People who are full of hope tend to approach change with enthusiasm, determination, resilience and POSITIVE emotion. People who are low on hope tend to approach change with mixed feelings, uncertainty and NEGATIVE emotion. Developing hope is a skill set and a mindset and can be the difference between falling down and continuing to ride the waves to success.

Mental health

The “Mental Health Crisis”

We need to take a step back and move beyond the mindset of “early intervention” and invest some thought and action into more proactive approaches. Prevention is better than cure Rather than waiting for the symptoms of mental illness to present themselves, we need to invest in our children from a very early age to develop fundamental life skills that will enable them to adapt through pressure and uncertainty. Arm adults, parents, professionals, everybody with the mindset and resources to navigate intense levels of change to prevent poor mental health in the first place.


Managers lack people skills according to a new CIPD survey

Today’s working world is now full of technically good but people poor managers. If leadership is only just realising the impact of poor people management, perhaps there needs to be a shift in promoting “perceived talent” purely on technical skills and start to shift the focus on developing good “people” managers as well?

How Do You Raise Your Resilience?

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