Resilience Development Company


Why We Do It

Resilience is Bigger Than Us

We exist because mental health, employee stress and burnout are at an all-time high and it doesn’t have to be that way. Too many people are suffering in silence, and if they had the tools and skills, they’d be able to help themselves reverse the common signs of stress and to become more resilient in the face of everyday pressures.

In a sample of 3000 people experiencing our programme 1 in 4 recorded scores indicating moderate or severe anxiety. This reduced to 1 in 8 after our programme.

If we applied that result to the UK, we would change the lives of 7.8 million people with 14 hrs of training.

“We’re all vulnerable and can suffer with our mental health. Take away our lifestyles and possessions and it boils down to fact we all have the same human needs, concerns and behaviours. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, the skills we teach, work.”
Louise Scambler
Co-Founder, the Resilience Development Company

Our Mission

Is to create a movement that enables people to feel better, live better and work better. To provide people with the resilience skills, resources and support to navigate life and work.

Our Vision

Is to cease to exist because our skills are being readily taught everywhere.


Resilience is not just something you’re born with, you can learn it and live it too.

Co-Founders Louise and Emma had both been through very difficult periods in their lives.

Louise says, “We’d both been through some incredibly challenging times during our lives, and despite the support we had received, we still didn’t have any tools to support us to bounce forward and continue feeling and being resilient in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.”

Emma and Lou realised that if they could take the theories and practices used in psychology and counselling and turn them into accessible, practical tools and skills, people could use to maintain their own resilience in everyday situations.

Utilising Emma’s background in psychology and counselling and Louise’s background in training, they spent two years researching and developing our Resilience Programme. Over time, the company grew to include David and Jon, and the programme evolved into the award-winning training programmes we deliver today.

It has been delivered through corporate settings, public sectors, schools and to parents, and the outcomes in the way people think, feel and respond to stress have been incredible.


As an organisation, we realised we could make the biggest difference if we reached people where they spend most of their time – in their places of work, so they can thrive in those conditions and can pass the immediately transferrable skills onto their loved ones.

Every member of the team has faced and overcome their own challenges and adversities and together, use that diverse experience to facilitate our Resilience Programmes.

We also use our own resilience skills every day to navigate organisational and life challenges. We live and breathe the skills we teach, they help us to be better communicators, reduce stress in ourselves and others and to perform at our best, even when we’re faced with life’s inevitable challenges.

We are all vulnerable to the same human factors that cause a drop off in us all. If we don't have the skills to be able to mitigate these natural factors they will at some point have a negative impact on our performance, wellbeing, relationships or mental health. This is why we need to train people in these skills.
Jon Watkins
Co-Owner & CEO


Jon Watkins

Meet Jon, our CEO and a former Special Forces Team leader. With a rich background in leadership and operational expertise, Jon excels in building, training, and leading high-performing teams and individuals.

Jon brings a wealth of coaching, training and strategic experience to the team. His expertise lies in helping organisations cultivate strong leadership skills, enhance team resilience, and foster a positive organisational culture that yields exceptional outcomes.

As a coach, Jon specialises in supporting athletes, entrepreneurs, and adventurers.

Jon is a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He possesses an advanced diploma in personal, leadership, and executive coaching and a level 7 award in strategic management and leadership from CMI. 

Louise Scambler

Meet Lou. An original co-founder of the Resilience Development Co., Louise has 30+ years of experience creating and delivering training, including the resilience training and coaching programmes we use today.

She has previously owned a business and worked in the film industry and with major retailers, delivering and facilitating large-scale training programmes.

Her delivery and facilitation style is often described as warm, engaging and humorous: She knows how to get the best out of everyone she works with.

As well as our corporate clients, she has worked extensively with the Prince’s Trust, schools and vulnerable adults.

Louise also specialises in helping people through Menopause, building confidence, Imposter syndrome, career paths, and relationships.

She has an advanced diploma in personal, leadership, and executive coaching and a Cognitive Analytical Training (CAT).

Consultative Researcher

Emma Ogilvie

Emma along with Louise was one of the original Co-Founders of the Resilience Development Co.  It was through Emma’s expertise in psychology and counselling and Louise’s life experience with mental health and expertise in creating and delivering training, that the Resilience Development Company was born.

After moving back to the U.K, in late 2023, Emma, along with husband David, decided to bid a fond farewell to the Resilience Development Company so they could focus their attentions on renovating their new home and settling back in England.

Emma now consults for us on new psychological research and counselling development.