About us

Resilience Development Co. is a purpose-driven, independently owned training, coaching and consultancy on a mission to transform lives and workplaces. Our coaching and training programmes transform the way people live, work and feel with science-backed skills and immersive training experiences that unleash potential. We provide an award-winning solution to the big problems of stress, loss of purpose and productivity that change & growth brings.

Our Values

We don’t just do social impact, we LIVE anD BREATHE it

We have a unique gift of cutting through the noise and fluffy language to translate broad concepts into simple, practical skills that improve resilience for everyone. We are committed to collaborating with leaders, organisations and brands who want to push the boundaries of social impact.

The difference between skills and knowledge matters

We know our onions, but it is not about what we know; it’s about you and your growth. Knowledge is theoretical, whereas skills allow you to apply that knowledge to all areas of your life. Skills enable people to see a direct link between effort and outcome. Skills mean anyone and everyone can own their resilience, share it with people around them and create environments where people thrive.

It’s not what you do, it’s who you are doing it with that counts

A resilient community is achieved through clearly defined behaviours and mindsets that are universally understood that everyone takes full ownership and accountability for and that no one is exempt from.

See , build, share strengtH

People don’t know their strengths. They live in a world of change, uncertainty and a focus on the deficit. Amplify the positive and reframe the negative. The world is already challenging enough.

Purpose before profit

What we do is more significant than us. Resilience has the power to transform our world from coping to thriving, from stuck to adaption, from conflicted to cohesion. It can transform our lives for ourselves, our families, our work colleagues, and our communities.

Human ingenuity

Technology has now reached a point where it is no longer the real bottleneck to growth. Rather the very human elements of thinking, feeling and relationships. Resilience is an enabler of innovation, adaption and progress.

Relationships matter

We are the only major resilience provider where the business owners are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client. This reflects our conviction that innovation and transformation cannot happen without passion, connection, and-above-all personal commitment.

David Ogilvie

David is our CEO with decades of experience in individual, team, and board-level development. He has worked across commercial, public, and third sectors with the NHS, Banks, and Government organisations.

His work draws on previous senior leadership roles in the finance industry, non-exec directorships, and group memberships such as Subject Matter Panels at the Chartered Management Institute and Government Mental Health Strategy and Reviews. Professionally, David specialises in designing leadership programmes, senior team coaching, personal, team and cultural resilience.

David is passionate about positive mental health, building resilience in young people and bringing communities together to tackle systemic issues.

Louise Scambler

Lou brings things to life. She is a super talented facilitator, professional coach and prefers to work on community projects. Her top strength is humour and without question is the funniest and most generous person in the office. Fact.

Louise’s background is predominantly in the film industry, followed by training in retail environments, so she is used to delivering in high-pressure situations. Clients warm to her genuine interest in people, and if we need a creative and engaging way to get a skill across, she is the first person we turn to. She has the most breadth of delivery experience, having worked with Princes Trust, schools, and vulnerable adults.

Jon Watkins

Jon is our COO with decades of experience building, training and leading high-performance teams and people.

His work draws on his previous role as a UK Special Forces operator, working in a high-performance culture, complex, high pressurised & uncertain environments, and simultaneously managing multiple high-priority assignments.

Professionally, Jon specialises in designing emerging leadership programmes, team coaching, mindset, and resilience for performance. He’s passionate about positive mental health and supporting veterans and sportspeople transition to civilian life. He enjoys busting the myths around how elite performance is developed and sustained and how attainable it is with the right skillset, habits and behaviours.

Emma Ogilvie

Emma is our Chief Research Officer who ensures things happen when you need them to happen. She also leads the development of our online programmes and community initiatives.

Her work draws on her Psychology and Counselling background, Subject Matter Expert in Resilience and Mental Health and involvement at the Government level in Mental Health Policies, Strategic Reviews and Scrutiny.

Emma is passionate about helping people develop a happier, healthier and more productive life, both professionally and personally. She enjoys working with corporate organisations to support school communities build their resilience and positive mental health.