We're The Resilience Development Company

Our core purpose is helping people live better, work better and feel better with resilience

Since we started back in 2013, we have been a company dedicated to helping people live better, work better and feel better.  Our mission is to help people around the world help themselves and others be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in their everyday lives. We believe resilience skills and community resilience are the most effective way of achieving this.

David Ogilvie

David has a background in industry and third sector up to board level. He understands the pressures of senior leadership and as an executive coach knows how to help people adapt and deal with it. 

David is often to be found coaching, delivering key notes, facilitating our leadership programmes and co-developing proposals with clients. He is also Vice chair of a large health charity, Fellow, mentor and Subject Matter Panel Expert for The Chartered Management Institute.

Jon Watkins

Jon is a professional coach and a Special Forces veteran. It’s pretty obvious when you meet him. He doesn’t get flustered and has first-hand experience of elite performance, leadership and high performing team dynamics and culture. When not facilitating and coaching Jon is developing business leads and evolving both our face-to-face and online programmes. 

Jon spent most of his adult life serving in the Royal Marines before serving with UK Special Forces with the Special Boat Service (SBS). He is a combat-proven veteran with experience in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams.

Louise Scambler

Lou brings things to life. She is a super talented facilitator, professional coach and prefers to work in community projects. Her top strength is humour and without question is the funniest and most generous person in the office. Fact.   

Louise’s background is predominantly in the film industry followed by training in retail environments so she is used to delivering in high pressure situations. Clients really warm to her genuine interest in people and if we need a creative and engaging way to get a skill across she is the first person we turn to. She is also the one with the most breadth of delivery experience having worked with Princes Trust, schools and vulnerable adults.

Emma Ogilvie

Emma delivers and develops. She is our super talented psychology and counselling brain and prefers to stay in the background. She is also the most organised and methodological person in our office. Fact. 

This is why Emma is responsible for managing the office and pretty much telling everyone else what to do. She is so good at it the rest of us just do what she asks. It keeps everything nice and simple and means clients get exactly what they need when they want it.

Emma is an avid reader, championship tea drinker (we don’t know where it all goes) and a voice for mental health. She was part of the Government mental health strategy and sits on the board of the Resilience Matters charity.