We make choices all day every day. But what if we were sleepwalking into the choices? What would it mean for us, and the person we are working to become?


Take three friends who start off in relatively the same place. One makes no changes (good or bad). One adds a weekly beer to his diet and watches TV on his downtime. The other makes some small changes like eliminating 100 calories a day and reading 10 pages of a good book daily.

Which of these three people do *you* think end up in a better place two years down the road?


The small choices you make every day impact the results you experience in the future. At first, you won’t see the difference and everything may look relatively the same. But give it longer, keep improving your average and the differences can blow you away. It’s called The Compound Effect.

SLeepwalking into choices

Just as The Compound Effect can work for you as you increase small, smart choices it can work against you (and probably has been) in the very same small, seemingly insignificant choices you make daily.


What are some small choices you could be making on a daily basis, that could compound into positive changes for you in the future? Write them down.