strong relationships

Good relationships are essential for our resilience and wellbeing, especially in challenging times. Studies have shown that people with supportive relationships have better overall health and happier mood.


All relationships have challenges and we can’t change other people. But we can choose how we respond so, today’s focus is on a relationship you’d like to strengthen. Here are some ideas:

THree ideas

  • Think about a quality you admire in someone and then let them know how much you appreciate it. 
  •  Offer to help someone who might be lonely or in need of support.
  • Read an e-mail you’ve sent recently. Take note of how many times you’ve used “I” vs “we.”

The Benefits

People often associate resilience as an individual characteristic, whereas it is also environmental. Put simply, one can often judge the quality of life by the quality of one’s relationships. 


Which relationship will you strengthen today and how?