Putting Resilience And Wellbeing At Work In Its Place

leading-rapid-change and wellbeing

Isolated resilience-building half-day courses and workshops are a limited way of approaching the broader issues in your organisation. Much more is gained by considering how resilience development is part of the wellbeing and engagement puzzle.

The Three Types of Resilience

Three types of resilience

We define resilience as the ability to positively adapt to change. But did you know there are three types of resilience and one is easier to cultivate than the other two?

Knowledge, Skills, Resilience Gurus and L&D

Difference between knowledge and skills

Have you ever experienced training from “resilience gurus” or “wellbeing warriors”, that’s left you feeling confused and frustrated with impact and outcomes. As a starting point, we may need to go back to basics and ask ourselves, ‘what is a skill?’

Bullsh*t jobs, Boreout and Babies

bullshit jobs

Being chronically bored at work can be just as harmful as burnout and we need to talk about it more. As we do, we need to keep in mind bullsh*t jobs and babies.

How Do Leaders Build Resilience?

Becoming a more resilient leader requires three essential capabilities that reduce anxiety, improve productivity, and support leadership effectiveness.