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Returning to work

Supporting Wellbeing Through Change

As we all return to work, we need to keep in mind that people respond differently to change. This article provides a framework to help you understand the underlying causes of stress, along with hints and tips to make life easier. Together.

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Why People Respond To Change Differently: Obstacles vs Opportunities

We all interpret and respond to change differently. Some people are excited by change whilst others appear resistant and overwhelmed. Understanding the many different perspectives, emotions and responses to change in ourselves and those around us, brings people together, makes people feel understood and builds energy for change.

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Tips For Building Strong Relationships During Lockdown

Tips For Strengthening Your Relationships During COVID-19

Time in lock down, whether it means spending more time together or less, could be an opportunity to strengthen your relationships. We asked Jon Watkins from our team to draw on his own experience and training as a resilience coach for some tips to make relationships survive and thrive during this crisis.

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Behaviour matters in leadership

A blinkered drive towards meeting organisational outcomes for success at all costs, often ignores the fundamental importance of sustaining a happy and engaged workforce who genuinely want to come to work every day. So, leadership cannot afford to ignore poor attitudes and behaviours in themselves and others and acknowledge the potential and necessity that a more resilient workplace culture is both possible and likely. 

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