Bite size is better

What’s the point in learning if it’s not applied in the real world?

Traditional style learning tends to produce information overload, one size fits all and so the learning is lost in the work place. Bite-size learning makes good business sense and avoids inefficiency and expense. If it’s done correctly.

Chopping up content is not bite-size

This is a misunderstanding. Our bite-size methodology is based on psychological research and business evidence about the way people learn and how content sticks.

Application is the hero, rather than the learning

For an individual to make a lasting change they must have deep insight into their current behaviours, an emotional connection to their thinking and the tools and skills to address any unhelpful ones.

A proven formula that works.

People need to understand their own behaviour from a belief and value perspective, something that is not often explored at work. Without belief there is no connection and without an emotional connection there is no action. No action = no change.