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The pace of change is relentless. How will you handle it?

In times of change, an organisation builds adaptive behaviour progressively through four phases. Enabling them to adapt to challenge and uncertainty through engaging with change with strong problem-solving capabilities, high levels of creativity, strong leadership and the ability to develop supportive and trusting relationships with those around them.

resilience in school

Exam results day: a different perspective for parents

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, we have no training & no manual, pick your battles and keep the communication open, and remember this pressure is far different to what we went through at their age.

resilience coaching
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Dealing with change and the 5Rs

When building resilience, we encourage people to see change and transition as two different things. The difference is subtle but important. Change is external whereas transition is internal. It’s how we think about change, engage and respond to it. Having the skills to adapt means transitioning is the holy grail of successful change.

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It’s official: Burnout is real

The leader who tries to do it all is headed for burnout, and in a powerful hurry. Read how to spot the signs of burnout according to The World Health Organisation and how building resilience helps avoid it before it’s too late.

how to choose a coach

How to choose a coach

Finding the right coach for you can be difficult and costly if you get it wrong. Read our handy guide of what to look for in a coach and how to make sure they are right for you.

Developing resilience in an organisation strategically
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How to: Developing resilience strategically

Resilience should be high on the leadership agenda as more and more people fall victim to the pressures of stress and change at work. Read our guide on why and how to do it.

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Long Spoons, culture and change

The allegory of the long spoons is a parable that shows the difference between heaven and hell. Read how it might just apply to the modern workplace for many of us.

Resilience coaching
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Action Plan: now it’s your turn!

On average it takes around 66 days before a new behaviour becomes automatic.
It’s not easy and it if we don’t continue to develop our self-awareness we can fall back into our old patterns of thinking and behaviours, especially when we feel pressured and stressed.


Underlying philosophies of management

Your management philosophy is the reason behind your management style and taking time to work out your philosophy helps you and the people around you understand where you are coming from. Knowing where you are coming from, evening in tough times is a big enabler of resilience

How Do You Raise Your Resilience?

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