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Why People Respond To Change Differently: Obstacles vs Opportunities

We all interpret and respond to change differently. Some people are excited by change whilst others appear resistant and overwhelmed. Understanding the many different perspectives, emotions and responses to change in ourselves and those around us, brings people together, makes people feel understood and builds energy for change.

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What is resilience | define resilience

What is Resilience? | Defining Resilience

What is resilience? What makes someone “resilient” and can anyone develop resilience over time? Here’s a quick summary of what the psychology community is saying and our thoughts.

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coaching for wellbeing & resilience

How To Find A Life Coach You’ll Love

Find a life coach that works for you, and it can be life-changing. Get it wrong, and it can be costly. So here’s your guide to ensuring you find the right life coach for you and your needs from the start.

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Mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week: Prevention and Mental Health

There is mounting evidence that the growing cost to society of mental illness is not sustainable. The sad reality is that poor mental health is often a ‘silent killer,’ only really raising its ugly head with sporadic and shocking media interest into celebrity suicides or accounts of extreme suffering through adversity. It naturally reinforces a Government funding focus on tackling the ‘end result’ as opposed to taking serious preventative action in the first place.

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Tips For Building Strong Relationships During Lockdown

Tips For Strengthening Your Relationships During COVID-19

Time in lock down, whether it means spending more time together or less, could be an opportunity to strengthen your relationships. We asked Jon Watkins from our team to draw on his own experience and training as a resilience coach for some tips to make relationships survive and thrive during this crisis.

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