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Organisational culture is like a sausage machine

Why organisational culture is like a sausage machine

Your organisational culture is like a sausage machine. Whatever ingredients you put in at the top will determine the taste at the end. If you took a bite of your culture sausage right now, what would it taste like?

Mental health

Everyone cried in our office when we read this, you will too

Too many of us coast through life either ignoring our worries or waiting until the pressure gets too much and only to find ourselves breaking down and not functioning at all. Learning the skills behind being resilient gave me the gift of making the short time I had left with my mum count. It allowed me to step up to the plate and do what was needed without totally burning myself out. In so many ways it acted as a protective buffer against the extreme situation I found myself in.

Developing resilience in an organisation strategically

Live Blog: CIPD 2017 #Think Conference – Final Thoughts

What I’ve seen today is that work is simply not working. I leave the last words to myself – Just because everyone else is doing it, just because its been done like this for 10 years or ever since you joined the company it does not make it right. Listen to the facts, listen to science, the numbers are not wrong, things need to change its time to focus on the wellbeing of people and the culture of your organisation and the benefits are huge and necessary!


Live Blog: CIPD 2017 #Think Conference – Julie Tybura & Sue Cox

Like the dance leadership is the same we have to work together and understand where everyone else is not just you. Through collaboration: Open up space for your partner. Giving them the option to do what they want. Allowing them to be creative and they give you the chance to do the same, this allows you to bring your presence and value to the dance.


Live Blog: CIPD 2017 #Think Conference – Sir Cary Cooper

The way we are working is not good. Something needs to change. We need to reduce the use of technology and get tough on organisational culture and people’s bad behaviour that is encouraging poor working habits. We have all the science to know why people get ill from work place we now need to do something about it.

How Do You Raise Your Resilience?

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