Mental Health Awareness Week: We Need Action As Well As Awareness And We Need It Now.

It’s great to see prominent members of our society coming forward and talking about their own experiences of mental illness and highlighting ways to access help. However, the inevitability around lack of NHS funding means the reality is that we need to do whatever we can to ensure there is less need for these services in the first place and that means investing time, effort and support into the area of prevention that receives far too little focus and emphasis.

Resilient Team

People problems in the workplace? The rise of the reactive approach

To support organisational wellbeing and engagement and boost positive mental health, it’s necessary to tackle the more problematic or negative aspects of culture head on to create a happier, healthier and ironically, more productive environment where people feel supported and listened to and actually enjoy coming in to work every day. If organisations want to truly tackle these issues there needs to be a switch in thinking towards longer term solutions with long term impact.

Leadership In 2 Sentences

I used to think leadership was all about inspiring others with great storytelling. I now know that leadership is about inspiring others to create their own story. Do you know the story of the people who work around you? Where did they start, where are they on their journey and what’s the happy ending in their mind? What are the obstacles getting in their way, how do your paths connect and what can you do to help them on their journey are all great questions you should know the answers to about the people you lead.

The “Mental Health Crisis”

We need to take a step back and move beyond the mindset of “early intervention” and invest some thought and action into more proactive approaches. Prevention is better than cure Rather than waiting for the symptoms of mental illness to present themselves, we need to invest in our children from a very early age to develop fundamental life skills that will enable them to adapt through pressure and uncertainty. Arm adults, parents, professionals, everybody with the mindset and resources to navigate intense levels of change to prevent poor mental health in the first place.