Building Belief

Research tells us that most change programmes fail.

A large proportion of them fail due to negative attitudes rather than process, whereas focusing on mindset upfront makes all the difference. People have long memories and when the transformation is not handled well there is a long-term impact on people’s belief. Belief impacts trust, turnover, engagement and openness. All of that impacts the bottom line. This is why our programmes are focused on the right areas of change in order to properly handle this resilient transformation.

Changing results? Change beliefs.

Individuals must change their thinking and behaviour. This takes time and requires new skills. It can’t be rushed. It’s not a half day workshop. It’s not someone stood in front of you sharing theory.

Behaviour change needs skills

For an individual to make a lasting change they must have deep insight into their current behaviours, an emotional connection to their thinking and the tools and skills to address any unhelpful ones.

We know it all comes down to belief

People need to understand their own behaviour from a belief and value perspective, something that is not often explored at work. Without belief there is no connection and without an emotional connection there is no action. No action = no change.

“There is no fixed formula for hearts and minds. It’s about giving people the tools to own their own hearts and minds.”

David Ogilvie – Director at Resilience Development Company

Tools to build belief

We can work with you to give your people the tools to explore their own beliefs around change and understand what’s getting in the way. Sometimes it’s themselves. Sometimes it’s the culture. Sometimes it’s a combination of both.

Vision, values and voice

We can work with you to design a programme that unifies your people around the big idea, where you want to be and identify the behaviours and skills that will drive, rather than drain energy for change.

Positive change. Fast.

We take the best of evidence and theory across multiple disciplines and turn it into skills that drive positive behaviour.  We do it fast so you can create positive change. Fast.

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