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The pace of change is relentless. How will you handle it?

In times of change, an organisation builds adaptive behaviour progressively through four phases. Enabling them to adapt to challenge and uncertainty through engaging with change with strong problem-solving capabilities, high levels of creativity, strong leadership and the ability to develop supportive and trusting relationships with those around them.


This Four-Letter Word Can Change Your Perspective and Accelerate Change

People who are full of hope tend to approach change with enthusiasm, determination, resilience and POSITIVE emotion. People who are low on hope tend to approach change with mixed feelings, uncertainty and NEGATIVE emotion. Developing hope is a skill set and a mindset and can be the difference between falling down and continuing to ride the waves to success.


Managers lack people skills according to a new CIPD survey

Today’s working world is now full of technically good but people poor managers. If leadership is only just realising the impact of poor people management, perhaps there needs to be a shift in promoting “perceived talent” purely on technical skills and start to shift the focus on developing good “people” managers as well?

How Do You Raise Your Resilience?

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