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Behaviour matters in leadership

A blinkered drive towards meeting organisational outcomes for success at all costs, often ignores the fundamental importance of sustaining a happy and engaged workforce who genuinely want to come to work every day. So, leadership cannot afford to ignore poor attitudes and behaviours in themselves and others and acknowledge the potential and necessity that a more resilient workplace culture is both possible and likely. 

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Underlying philosophies of management

Your management philosophy is the reason behind your management style and taking time to work out your philosophy helps you and the people around you understand where you are coming from. Knowing where you are coming from, evening in tough times is a big enabler of resilience

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Is being goals focused always what it’s cracked up to be?

Sometimes it’s not about the goal, it’s about everything that makes them happen. Being solely focused on goals means we ignore the hidden costs associated with progress towards them, which in turn means that our goals don’t get the full support they deserve and our resilience is undermined.

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Productivity – People Vs Technology & The Winner Is

Thinking differently is the fastest way to gain a productivity leap. A step change in productivity is often driven by changing the way the team thinks, rather than the tools they use. In particular, empowering people to shift their own mind-set and skill set to tackle failure and setbacks head on has a big impact. When teams and individuals have this, barriers take on a different meaning.

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