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resilience in school

Building resilience in schools

Taking a whole school approach means we can introduce a core set of skills to proactively manage mental health and reduce the social and emotional barriers to learning, together. There is so much power in introducing a common language in which our school community are better able to talk about their challenges and their emotions without feeling vulnerable. So many young people today have low aspirations and opinions of their learning capacity and motivation and resilience is reaching chronic levels.

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Live Blog: CIPD 2017 #Think Conference – Julie Tybura & Sue Cox

Like the dance leadership is the same we have to work together and understand where everyone else is not just you. Through collaboration: Open up space for your partner. Giving them the option to do what they want. Allowing them to be creative and they give you the chance to do the same, this allows you to bring your presence and value to the dance.

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