Leading Change

Overcome complication, strong personalities, differing workstyles and agendas. Create lasting change.

Leading Change is for leaders who want to build a team that understands how to navigate change together. Confidently navigating change in today's competitive world is a distinct advantage. But it's an advantage that is complicated with strong personalities, differing work styles and different agendas. Work with us over three 1/2 day workshops and we will help you define a shared agenda, understand the strength in sharp differences and how to navigate change together so you continue to grow and perform.

Workshop 1

Coming Together

People need a shared and clarified purpose to bring meaning to their work. In this first workshop you will clearly define why you exist as a team, where you are going and the essential characteristics and behaviour that will drive, rather than drain your energy for change.


Workshop 2


In the second workshop you will build on previous work and define the roadmap to get there. As a team you will break down the opportunity and outline the objectives, strategies and measures of success.

Workshop 3

Your change stance

When it comes to change we all see opportunity and obstacles. What's less obvious is that we all see opportunities and obstacles to a different extent.

In this final workshop we will measure both the individual and the team's orientation to risk and opportunity. You will learn what that means in terms of change and gain tools and strategies to leverage the strength in any diversity.

More support

Leadership accountability coaching

After all that, some teams require more support than others. Our coaches can help you identify what is stopping the team from getting the results they want and give them more tools to break through.

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Strongly agreed this session changed the way they think about things.
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Strongly agreed it will improve my contribution to my team.
agreed they felt able to take what we produced and build on it relatively quickly.

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