Building a resilient culture at an international bank

Engagement raised. Dramatic reductions in turnover. Culture enhanced

The challenge

Our client, a world leading bank, recognised that the financial industry was experiencing sustained and significant change. They wanted to protect against low resilience; resistance to change, fractured relationships and maintain confidence and pride in the organisation.

In order to gain a competitive advantage they felt their 800+ staff, across 4 geographical locations, needed to remain energised through change, fully focused on achieving ambitious goals, and have the courage to look beyond how they currently operate individually and collectively.

How we helped

800+ people from all departments of the bank were trained over 2 years in our modular Team resilience programme

The scale of roll out during significant change across four locations required both face-to-face and digital delivery. The programme directly enabled a fundamental re-invention of working relationships and directly supported their strategy to build a people-driven and client focused model for the future.

The results speak for themselves

Increased engagement, productivity and wellbeing

0 %
increase in engagement
0 %
increase in resilience
" We were awarded ‘Gold’ status in the Mind 2017/18 Workplace Wellbeing Index awards. ‘Gold’ is given to those employers who have successfully embedded mental health into their policies & practices, demonstrating a long-term & in-depth commitment to staff mental health. Our two strongest areas from the Index report both reflect the impact & ethos of the resilience programme around a preventative approach to maintaining mental health coupled with open dialogue."​
Head of Business Unit
0 %
decrease in attrition
0 %
increase in productivity
“Through our partnership with Resilience Development Company, we have seen a marked increase in employees telling us that they feel more able to deal with everyday stresses, both in the workplace and in their personal lives, as well as a rise in productivity and collaboration. The programme is an important contributor to our commitment to creating a positive workplace culture."​
Chief operating Officer

Far Reaching Results

Game changing

 The launch of the resilience programme came at a time when we needed a re-energised team, fully focused on achieving ambitious goals, with the courage to look beyond how we do things today. I believe that the ability to provide our people with the tools that they need to deal with this level of change has been fundamental to successfully changing the way in which we work together to build a people-driven and client-focused model for the future.

Still using resilience skills up to 24 months
after the training 98%
% noticing long term behaviour change
in their team 80%
% Seeing a direct link between the skills
& mental health 83%
% seeing a direct link between the skills
& a great employee experience 98%
% reporting increased ability
to deal with pressure & stress 84%
Learning Awards Winner

Award Winning


" The External Learning Solution of the Year Award is presented to a learning provider that has undertaken a major learning and development project for a client that is innovative in concept and has produced demonstrable performance improvement and business impact for the client as well as evidence of value for money. It's the highest accolade you can receive in workplace learning and development."
The Learning & Performance Institute

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