Building resilience in schools, parents & teachers

Increase in positive student behaviour. Less stressed teachers. Noticeable behaviour change.

The challenge

Building resilience in school meant equipping students, parents and teachers with the skill-set, mindset and resources to build resilience and positive mental health at school, at home and in their studies.

The programme is a Chartered Management Institute Recognised Programme and gave students access to CMI resource for 12 months. All in preparation for the 21st century work environment.

How we helped

37 year 10 & 12 students attended 8 bite-size sessions focused on developing resilience skills. The sessions were mirrored for parents and teachers so everyone had a common language and skill set. 

Everyone also had full access to on-line and app based resources and teachers liked the fact that the programme is UKCPD service certified.


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decrease in stress
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noticed change in behaviour

"Our school is not just showing pupils how to get grades. As educators, we have a duty to guide them through their formative years, as they develop the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the real world. This unique and innovative course, based on building resilient students, parents and schools, has helped bring about better learning, emotional stability, stronger relationships and personal success for our students who participated in the course. Above all, it has introduced them to a common language and a means of communication that has enabled our boys, our staff and parents to better understand their own wellbeing and to cope with the pressures and stresses of the everyday demands in their busy lives."

Alun Watkins - Victoria College Headmaster

“The amazing thing about the course is it brings together students, teachers and parents all under the same course and really from our perspective in terms of helping pupils, the ability for staff and parents to really understand the challenges that pupils are facing.”

David Payne, Head of Sixth Form (taken from ITV news interview) Tweet

" Makes my mental health better and I know I am safe. I also like that it's a CMI recognised programme. That's a good thing."

“ I loved the fact that it’s a shared communication between the 3 sides. So often it breaks down and becomes parent and child, child and school or parent and school, so that shared communication actually helps. If they learn these skills at this age then hopefully they will become a habit rather than learning them in their 40’s. “

“ All the skills interlink and become embedded in the boys. It ’s a long slog after a day in lessons but the boys (and me) are definitely benefitting. Listening to the issues around mental health being discussed on the news this morning, I really believe that education for prevention will be far more effective than medication to find a cure when the horse has bolted, so to speak.”

Lee Batchford - Head of PHSE

" There are many skills that I can pull out, not just for now, but in the future throughout my life and I can apply them to many things including my mental health. I can also share them with others to help them.

Improved Relationships

Improving culture

From day one participants began communicating with a new language and applying new skills to existing challenges. Students were asked to document their journey and both parents and teachers were regularly consulted on changing dynamics and relationships. 

The single biggest change that everyone noticed was a sustainable and positive change in relationships, trust and behaviour.

% of students & parents reporting
better thinking & emotional skill 100%
% of teachers reporting increased
engagement levels 67%
% of teachers seeing a direct link
between the skills and mental health 100%
% of teachers reporting increased
ability to manage their thinking 93%

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