Transitions in Mental Health & Social Work

How the Royal Borough of Kingston improved outcomes in Adult Social Care with resilience

The challenge

Change and culture are high on the agenda of Adult Social Care Directors due to the Care Act 2014. It has been described as one of the most ambitious goals of public sector reform in recent times. 

The senior team recognised addressing those challenges in a financially stressed system required a new set of social work skills and attitudes to identify and build strength, resilience and potential across the team and the community they serve

How we helped

We worked with 100 social workers and mental health professionals to build personal and team resilience to accelerate and sustain transformational change.

The programme was a key driver of immediate improvements in engagement levels, talent retention, employee satisfaction and wellbeing. It was also described as a key influencer and positive impact on the quality and provision of services.


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financial saving in year one
1 0 %
overachievement of targets
0 %
decrease in attrition
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increase in resilience

" Challenging targets were overachieved by 10% and we saw improvements in engagement levels, talent retention, employee satisfaction and wellbeing. This equates to a financial saving of over £500k per annum in tangible terms and we moved from the worst performing Borough in London to second best, achieving Beacon Status."

Director of Adult Social Care Tweet

" As a mental health professional I would like to see this resilience training offered more widely than corporate & public sector organisations. Young people & parents would greatly benefit. I hope your works grows & develops in the UK."

Senior Manager - Mental Health Tweet

" Best training of my career. Resilience training has given me a great number of skills to use and has also opened my eyes to how professional practice is as much about growing as a person then it is about knowing your field."

" I have become better attuned to both my negative and positive strengths and traits. Building resilience helped reduce my stress levels and I am more perceptive of the way my colleagues think and act, and help bring the best out in our working relationships."

Far Reaching Results

Improving culture

From day one the team began implementing their new resilience skills within their teams and the community they serve.

Two years later Resilience Champions within the team continue to focus on maintaining resilience skills and training new members. Continued access to the Resilience App and Digital Skills Academy gives them all they need to ensure resilience is more than a buzzword. It is skills based and it is part of the culture. 

Beyond self
using the skills within their Adult Social Care practice 88%
Increases in their emotional resilience 69%
Increases in their mental resilience 73%
Improved engagement within their role 68%
Gained a greater understanding disengagement
AND how to deal with it 83%

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