Coaching an Entrepreneur To Beat His Imposter Syndrome And Develop His Leadership

Working virtually with an entrepreneur to beat imposter syndrome and get more from his team so he could take a step back from the day to day running of the business.

The brief

Steve (not his real name) wanted to take more of a step back from the day to day running of his business and beat his inner self-doubt. His specific focus was:

  1. Beat his imposter syndrome, better manage his energy and feel less stressed.
  2. Develop his leadership, specifically focusing on connecting and motivating the team, reducing turnover, raising engagement, talking to others, and not getting irate and letting emotions take over.

Our solution

We matched one of our qualified coaches to suit Steve and engaged him in a free introductory session to build and test the connection between coach and coachee. 

Once that was established, he began nine virtual coaching sessions spread over five months, including two profiles, digital support and a workbook.

A post-coaching report was also produced using benchmarking and ROI calculations to demonstrate impact, value for money and his transformation.

Skills that build leadership and overcome imposter syndrome

Steve felt the impact of the coaching immediately

Reduction in stress
0 %
Increase in emotional intelligence
0 %

I very quickly recognised that the tools I can now utilise fully as a result of this hugely engaging course , enable me to manage my time better , alleviate stress significantly , manage difficult situations positively and learn to prioritise what really matters.

The impact this has had on me day to day is Increased positivity, increased awareness, increased confidence and an over understanding of how challenging situations can be addressed, tackled and ultimately overcome.

Moving past Imposter syndrome

The feelings associated with a personal change, a new place of work or a new role can range from excitement to anxiety, elation to dread, and leap from one extreme to another. Amid this complexity, even normally high-performing individuals can get stuck. 

Coaching helps you adopt new approaches, mindsets and beliefs, leading to long-term increased personal satisfaction, professional success and a less stressful transition for you and those around you.

Increase in Ability to
Build Self Confidence 100%
Increase in Ability to
Raise the engagement of his team 100%
Measured Increase in
Optimism 47%
Increase in Productivity

Be more like Steve

“I 100% benefited from working with my coach and 100% achieved the goals I was looking for.”

Coaching is all about looking forward, gaining clarity on
what is working well and building on your strengths. The overall objective is to feel more connected, more engaged and positive.

Your coach will help you focus on the areas you would like to develop and be with you every step of the way. Get in touch now for more information.

Ready to transform your productivity & wellbeing?