Kind of know want you want but something is stopping you. Overcome barriers with your coach.

Perhaps you are on the cusp of change - a new challenge, new role, new you. You may want someone to help you get that clarity of thought or that confidence to commit. Working with a coach will challenge you. Working with a coach will support you. Together we will unstick the stuck and make a difference.

all of our coaches have a minimum of 165 hour of International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training hours
is generally the right amount for most people although it depends on you
% focus
on you and what you'd like to achieve
Unstuck the stuck

Our approach digs deeps into our resilience methodology

Unlike other coaching programs, our coaching methods go beyond simple strategies and mentoring techniques. They dig deep into our work in resilience and focus on creating long-term results rather than short term gimmicks. All of that means you will move beyond uncertainty and take massive action to get the results you desire. 

Experience matters

You select the coach based on you and your needs

All of our coaches specialise in different areas of coaching whether that be executive, life, career, team and even maternity coaching.  All initial discovery sessions are complimentary, there is no minimum commitment and your coach will always work to your outcomes and help you evaluate your return on investment. It means it's likely we have the right coach for you.

Looking to build that elusive coaching culture?

Organisational level

As experienced coaches with backgrounds of leading teams in large organisations we recognise that many organisations are looking for a coaching culture. The challenge with the usual approach is that it’s full of theory, bottle necks at the manager and doesn’t evolve. We can show your people how to coach “on the fly” in everyday conversations.

The experience

How do people like you describe the Results Coaching experience?
"Life changing"

" Life changing. Brilliantly delivered. I started building on my new skills from day one and my outlook on challenges both professionally and personally is completely different now. The fact that my partner and I went through the Resilience Training together has been invaluable. We both ‘talk’ resilience, which is solid gold in helping us being resilient together. Every partnership should undertake this training."

Andy Brown - Director

"Made me realise who I am"

"Resilience Coaching made me realise who I am. It really brought me back to understanding me, knowing me as a person and understanding how I deal with things with little tweaks to help me work better."

Mark Le Cornu - Deputy Commander of Operations, Fire and Rescue Service

"Engaging and Interesting"

"The skills are taught in an engaging and interesting way. Employing even just one of the resilience skills fully helps a person understand the way they react to situations the way they do, uncover unhelpful thinking and look at life in a new way. I can easily call on multiple skills to improve my relationships and productive thinking. Nurturing the Resilience I always expire too."

Paul Burrows - Jersey Park Run founder 

"Passionate and Knowledgeable"

" An amazing experience. David has been outstanding in his approach and support. I highly recommend the company as approachable, passionate and knowledgeable."

Warren Maye - Santander

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