Exciting changes are happening at the Resilience Development Co.

It's been ten years since Louise and Emma co-founded the Resilience Development Co. And now it' time for a change.

It’s been ten years since Louise and Emma co-founded the Resilience Development Co.

And it all started with one conversation…

Louise says, “We’d both been through some incredibly challenging times during our lives, and despite the support we had received, we still didn’t have any tools to support us to bounce forward and continue feeling and being resilient in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.”

Emma and Lou realised that if they could take the theories and practices used in psychology and counselling and turn them into accessible, practical tools and skills, people could help themselves in the moment instead of suffering in silence.

Utilising Emma’s background in psychology and counselling and Louise’s background in training, they spent two years researching and developing our Resilience Programme. Over time, the company grew to include David and Jon, and the programme evolved into the award-winning training programmes we deliver today.

Here's to the next ten years…

Having completed their move from Jersey to the U.K., Co-founder Emma and husband David have left the Resilience Development Co. to focus on renovating their new family home. We wish them every success in their renovation project and settling back into life in England.

Louise and Jon will continue our mission of spreading resilience by delivering our life-changing, award-winning resilience programmes to companies and individuals who want to recognise and tackle the barriers to performance and poor mental health.

Emma will stay in a consultative role to support the team, ensuring that our practical skills continue to evolve.

What we deliver is life-changing, but don't just take our word for it:

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your organisation create resilient teams and leaders, get in touch with either Jon or Louise.

Through our partnership with Resilience Development Company, we have seen a marked increase in employees telling us that they feel more able to deal with everyday stresses, both in the workplace and in their personal lives, as well as a rise in productivity and collaboration.

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