How to lead rapid change whilst at the same time, staying well

With rapid change on the agenda, equipping managers with the skills to influence culture and remain change-ready was a must-have.


Our client currently employs 200 people across multiple centres. The leadership team recognised the rapid changes faced by the sector and spotted a gap between the big picture challenges and their people’s ability to adapt to and lead rapid change.

In order to close the gap, they needed learning & development that challenged and enhanced their culture, gave managers and top talent the confidence to deal with change and make tough decisions when required.


People managers and top talent developed resilience skills proven to influence mental, social and emotional health in themselves and others, complemented with:

  • Profiling focusing on how individuals and the organisation navigated change in their heads.
  • Facilitator-led input, group and individual-based exercises in workshops
  • Live application, social learning and digital support for twelve months.

The impact was measured with existing organisational feedback tools

And saw a dramatic impact across the business

Increase in Management Effectiveness
0 %
Decrease in Absence
0 %

“Res Dev built trust, challenged peoples thinking and developed our people and our culture. We could not have built the organisation to the point it is now without the resilience programme.”

“I liked the way they gave us the skills rather than told us what to do. Everything they did enabled us to successfully implement the changes in our culture that drove us forward.


“I liked the way these guys talked the language of business.

Their backgrounds shone through from the start and they were commercial, knowledgeable and outcome-focused. We were investing in going from good to great so it was essential to both the board and me that any investment was measurable and was visible in our regular and established  engagement surveys. They delivered.” 

Shaun Findlay Managing Director

Increase in Employee Engagement
Increase in Management Communication
Increase in Employee Morale
Increase in team cooperation
David Ogilvie


” In all of our work, we know that it’s not just the resilience skills we develop that adds value. Returns on investment have to makes sense around the board table, to sponsors and decision-makers. Real numbers, backing up the many success stories  add tremendous value to the Learning and Development and Internal Communication teams.

If you are investing in the resilience and wellbeing of your people, whilst you lead rapid change, then both the people and the business benefit should be clear. To everyone.”

David Ogilvie  – CEO Resilience Development Co.