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Background: Psychology

Moving beyond Stigma



With direct experiences of the impact of poor mental health, we shared a fundamental belief that mental health is a community issue long before it’s a clinical one. With backgrounds in Psychology, Counselling and training, we believed in driving forward preventative measures against poor mental health by moving beyond stigma and early intervention and towards resilience and thriving. Emma says:

“ The vision was to change the way community views and manages their mental health.” Alongside  full-time jobs, the social enterprise Resilience Development Company was launched."


David joins the team

Workplace culture

Bouncing forward

The island’s first skill-based community resilience programme is born and David Ogilvie joined Resilience Development Company. As a former Director in Banking, David brought his commercial expertise and leadership credentials and was excited about the potential impact resilience could have in the workplace too. David says:

“ The programme connected a lot of dots around the extensive leadership development I'd experienced in my corporate life. It crystallised my belief that good leadership and a great workplace culture is all about people’s behaviours and mindset.”

As a growing team, we felt it was important to define our own brand of resilience that was not about ‘bouncing back’ but about developing the skillset, mindset and resources to ‘bounce forward.’ Bouncing forward to the end of 2014 and the corporate ‘Resilience Advantage programme’ was born.


New relationships

Mental Health Review

Resilience Matters

Industry began to see the Resilience Advantage programme as a key enabler of performance and wellbeing in the workplace. We established our relationships with Emergency services, Telecoms and Trust, that are still going strong today.

In direct response to the Government Mental Health Policy Review, 1% of the parenting population on the island joined the community programme within 6 hours of launching.

As a rapidly growing company with big ideas, a unique partnership was formed with Resilience Matters Charity, a board of like-minded professionals from Education, Third Sector and business with a community-owned vision to develop resilience in schools and local families. It offered a crucial opportunity to work on projects with the biggest social impact with little or no cost to parents and schools. Louise says:

“Parents often come to me in tears telling me resilience training has changed their lives. Its a big bold statement but they wouldnt be saying it unless they meant it!”


Jon joins the team


Haute Vallee

As our work in the community continued to grow and off-island opportunities became a reality, we needed to expand quickly and former Elite Soldier and ex-Marine Jon Watkins joined the team. Jon brought a different dimension to resilience through his direct leadership experiences in a military setting. Jon says:

“I was frustrated with management and leadership full stop and believed there was a fundamental gap in what I had been trained to do in the Military and the missing elements needed in civilian life. I became more aware that resilience, relationships and transitioning skills were vital. I came from a background where purpose, meaning and thriving was all part of it, and wanted to do something again that had impact, passion and added value."

Haute Vallee school become the first secondary school to join the Resilient School project, resulting in a significant decrease in student anxiety and stress and a measurable increase in vocational leadership skills to better prepare students for the 21st century work environment.


Digital App


Large scale Resilience Cultures

Jon gets married

The Resilience Advantage digital App is launched so people can access the skills 24/7 after the programme and continue to build on their new skills at their own pace.

A unique opportunity to work in partnership with the NHS to commission resilience training across a Clinical Trust and establish our first long-term contract with an international bank, enables us to focus on developing large-scale resilient cultures. David says:

“I know the impact skill-based resilience has because I see it every day in the training room. I can see it the on an individual level, I can see it on a team level and I can see it on an organisational level.”

Oh yeah and Jon got married.


Corporate culture

Victoria College


Focusing on corporate culture and skill-based resilience, we continued to work with global clients across a diverse set of industries from Finance, Law, Recruitment and Government through to Education and Third Sector.

Victoria College Jersey join the Resilient School project involving students and the parents and teachers who form the support network around them. Introducing a common language and a set of vocational leadership and mental health skills, the programme is officially recognised as a certified programme by the Chartered Management Institute.





We believe a combination of face-to-face programmes and on-line resilience is the platform for the future and our mission is to make skill-based resilience accessible to everyone.

Investing our time and expertise in community-based projects is still a fundamental part of who we are and we are proud of the profound impact people tell us it has on their lives.

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