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Introducing Life Coaching 2.0

we are going to put you back in the driver’s seat of your life with a choice of online life coaching courses, resilience building and group coaching membership programmes. 

discover how your mind works so you are able to transform your life by yourself.

You have dreams, goals, and hopes for your life but feel stuck on how to get there. You know there’s potential for a better version of yourself, but you also know you’re not someone who is broken and needs to be fixed. You’re simply longing for personal growth, emotional freedom, control over your thoughts, and ways to bounce back when you feel stuck.

We get it. We understand because we’ve helped thousands of people transform their relationship with their emotions and thinking so they  live better, work better and feel better. Our online resilience and life coaching courses give you the skills you need to coach yourself through life and if you need a helping hand, our team of coaches are there for you. 

7 Days

Start to understand and explore yourself – and your life – through insightful, A-Ah! moments with this FREE e-mail coaching programme. It’s a short life coaching course packed with ideas to change your life from the very first e-mail. 


A private online community focusing on you, your resilience and making connections with others. 

It offers you an affordable personal membership that provides actionable steps TODAY. It’s less of a time and financial commitment than working with a coach although it’s a great way to start working on those blocks that are holding you back.  

stress less

Stress less is an online course that gives you immediate access to twelve skills that have an immediate impact on your life. If you are looking to free yourself from stress, want a proven way to rest, relax and let it all wash over you, then this is the place to start.


We created the full access life transformation programme to guide you. Imagine knowing your strengths and uncovering your deepest values.  Move towards the best version of yourself and increase your mental resilience, health and productivity so you can make your impact on the world. Includes lifetime access to our membership community.

work with one of our coaches

Get one-on-one support from one of our coaches to help you THRIVE. Use the power of resilience skills, positive psychology, and our years of coaching people to get perspective, support your decision-making process, confidently navigate life transitions, discover your strengths, and live well. In addition to individual coaching calls, your coach will provide techniques and resources to help you increase your resilience and ability to thrive by creating positive emotion, clear thinking and confidence. 

All initial life coaching discovery sessions are complimentary so we would always recommend contact us to discuss your needs.


Speciality: Executive Transitions


Speciality: Performance


Speciality: Life Coaching

"Even if you think you know yourself, you don't know or understand YOU until you've worked with these guys!"

- Marc le cornu

A PERsonal message to you


“There’s a more resilient, healthy and productive person in the world today, and it’s you. You have a life to live. You have experiences to create. You have aspirations, hopes and dreams to meet, and because of it, you can invest in learning how to coach yourself through life. You’re living a life of personal growth. You can control your thoughts and feelings and apply that to living better, working better and feeling better. Have the confidence of a skillset that allows you to bounce forward with emotional freedom. This for you. You might be thinking, ” What are they talking about?” But, this is for the parent that wants to give their kids a growth mindset and skill set to succeed. It’s for the person that knows they are not broken and needs to be fixed but wants to make a positive change in their life. This is for the busy professional that’s tired of trading their time for little return with expensive life coaches and self-help books. For the everyday person that’s sick of doubting themselves and just needs access to expert tips and skills. This for you.