You know there’s potential for a better version of yourself, but you also know you’re not someone who is broken and needs to be fixed.

You’re simply longing for personal growth, control over your thoughts, and ways to bounce forward when you feel stuck. Of course, hiring a coach is going to get you to where you want to be at a faster pace, but there’s still a way to take actionable steps TODAY that is less of a time and financial commitment. 

You want emotional freedom and to get more out of your life. The Life Coaching membership is an affordable personal development membership for those who are looking for ways to invest in themselves but aren’t quite ready to dive into a 1:1 life coaching relationship.

Here's what you'll get immediately by becoming a member


Develop skills used by professional coaches and counsellors and use them to gain emotional freedom and control over your thoughts.


Access to all our coaches in regular sessions focusing on helping you create the life you want to live at home and at work.


What's holding you back from reaching your full potential today. You get repeatable processes to bounce forward when you get stuck.


Everyone in the community on hand to support each other, share wins and input. Exclusive content. Special offers.


Either plan will get you immediate access to both community and online training that gets you started. 


Per month

  • Supportive community group
  • Access to all of our coaches
  • Immediate access to our Stress Less Online Module (value £127)
  • Unique content and discounts



    • Monthly benefits plus:
    • 2 months free
    • Saving of £54 on monthly membership
    • Exclusive thank you offers throughout the year

      14 Day No RISK GUARANTEE

      Dramatic skills improvement or your money back


      Secure online checkout. Cancel at anytime

      From the moment you join you will discover the techniques we show people to remove stress from their journey

      You’ll get instant access to high quality online training featuring videos and articles. You’ll also get a minimum of a dozen skills, editable pdf  worksheets, cheatsheets and access to members only Facebook group.

      PLUS! Exclusive content, recordings and materials that are only available with life coaching membership.

      PLUS! Opt for the annual membership and it’s equivalent to two months of membership FREE – value (£54).

      After completing your first module called Stress Less you’ll walk away with the tools and techniques you need to alleviate stress in minutes, including:

      • The truth behind stress. Why you might be more stressed than you think - and how it may be impacting your mood, your thinking, sleep quality and health
      • The difference between pressure and stress and why it matters to health, wellbeing and performance
      • The sweet spot between hypervigilance and calm and connected, no matter what is going on around you
      • How to recognise the vital ingredient of stress that most people miss
      • The exact skills to immediately reduce stress and anxiety
      • Proven techniques to improve positive emotions on a daily basis
      • Uncovering the big obstacles that stop people moving forward
      • How to turn negative emotional triggers on their head

      PEOPLE SAY...

      Frequently asked questions

      You will no longer have the excuse of being “stuck” because you will be given a variety of tools each month to help launch you into the direction you are meant to go!

      Each month is filled with resources that will work for everyone differently. You can expect to walk away with a better understanding of yourself and a game plan for how you can show up in the world as the best version of you. What’s awesome is that you can refer back to the resources again and again!

      There are a few surprises along the way, but you can expect to learn expert tips about defining your personal strengths and values, energy management tools, purpose development, goal-achieving, defining your unique resilience needs, and more!

      Of course! You can always unsubscribe and you can be reimbursed for one month.

      We believe that people have a massive potential to unlock and that the cumulative effect of that is life-changing in homes, schools, organisations and communities. We believe the ability to self-coach using a series of micro-skills that anyone can learn, is a massive enabler of greater resilience, health and productivity. We believe anyone can learn and develop this skill set to control their thinking and feelings and apply that to living better, working better and feeling better.