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Stressful Times!

We are having to adjust. We are finding ourselves on ‘high alert’ with worries for the future as the reality of the immediate pressures around work, bills and keeping loved ones safe kicks in.

It’s going to be like this for some time. Being cooped up and locked down builds stress, impacts mental health and relationships suffer and so we’ve been wondering what we can do to support you and your family.

This is why we’ve decided to give everyone an instant access online course from our award winning programme for just £9.99 (normally £127).

 It gives you twelve immediate ways to reduce your stress and maintain your wellbeing straight away. 

 Watch1000’s of people ranging from corporate leaders, athletes, emergency services , educators and families have worked with us to be well & resilient.

Get the Best Out Of You And Your Family

Learn simple resilience skills from our experts you can use immediately

Getting started is simple. Everything you need to reduce your stress is included:

  • 12 proven ways to help you and your family thrive
  • 9 videos, 5 activities and 3 quiz’s
  • 1 workbook 
  • 10 activities to help you put your skills into practice after the course
  • Interactive stress test so you can test your stress at any time 
  • Lifetime access
  • Facebook Community Group where you can ask questions and post your instant wins!

12 simple ways to reduce stress and get the best out of you and your family. You will quickly learn:

  • How to reduce stress and anxiety in yourself and those around you
  • How to make better decisions in stressful times
  • Skills, techniques and buffers to stress that you can share with your family
  • How to understand your personal, social and emotional triggers of stress and how to reduce them 
  • How to build buffers at home and work for more stability and certainty
  • How to monitor your own stress levels
When you purchase this course, you gain access to skills that have helped thousands of people stress less and perform more. It’s ideal for:

  • Anyone looking to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety. 
  • Families looking to get the best out of each other during these challenging times  
  • Parents looking to cope better with the added stress of children at home during the current Coronavirus pandemic
  • Anyone interested in maintaining their own mental health and wellbeing 
  • Anyone wishing to see just how good our courses are before investing further
You will be building resilience, fostering mental health and keeping relationships strong:
  • Significant reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Greater understanding of people and how to reduce stress in yourself and others
  • Improved mental and emotional health
  • Improved relationships in difficult circumstances
  • More energy in the day time
  • Improved sleep
  • Less worry

Expect the Very Best From Us

Straight forward, modern, interactive and looks great on any device.

A lot of digital courses suck so we completely re-invented them. Whether you are on the couch, in the office or out and about, you can expect your course to:

Let's Talk About Trust

If you’ve never heard of us we’d like you to know that we are award winning team on a mission to help people live better, work better and feel better.  For nearly a decade we’ve worked with  organisations such as NHS, Governments and international banks. We are experts in our field, real people and here to answer any questions you might have.

Learning Awards Winner
Read how our short resilience programme dramatically reduced stress and anxiety in 900 people.
Read how we helped a 100 strong team of mental health and social workers in London.
Meet the trainers, coaches and experts behind the company. Real people helping people every day.

Got a question? Your answer may just be in the FAQs Below:

The  Stress Less course is comprised of a series of video and article based lessons with a companion workbook, which are housed in a secure online classroom. All content is instantly available.  As you would expect, you can access all of the course materials from your desktop computer or mobile device, making it easy to consume content whenever and from wherever you choose.

It’s flexible. How you carve out that time is really up to you and how you learn best, but know that it’s entirely possible to get tremendous results from the Stress Less programme even in just 15 minutes a day!

All you need is access to the internet on a modern device and preferably a pen and paper. All our workbooks are fully interactive but we do suggest that you have a hard copy in front of you.  Many of the activities do not require anything other than your attention and commitment so the large majority of the course could be done with just your phone in your hand. 

The simple answer? We keep things simple and know people are busy. Everything we show you is evidence based and we can tell you we’ve trained thousands of people and won awards for our work. 

Yes. We spend most of our time helping individuals and large teams build their resilience and everyone at The Resilience Development Company is a qualified and practicing coach. It means we are able to support you with video conferencing based coaching sessions so please get in touch to discuss. You’ll find us friendly, helpful and never pushy. Any conversation is confidential with no obligation on your part.

In all our programmes although we tend to keep things simple as that makes it actionable. That said, if you are interested in the jargon and terminology, we focus on building 8 key competencies:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-regulation
  3. Mental agility 
  4. Self-efficacy 
  5. Psychological safety
  6. Optimism
  7. Building on strength
  8. Positive relationships

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