News: We’ve been crowned Consultancy Of The Year

More than ever, this award shows why investing in our approach to resilience strengthens and transforms organisational performance and results.

A Fantastic Way To End 2020

The Resilience Development Company took the title of ‘Consultancy of The Year’ at the 2020 Business Culture Awards.

A judging panel of experts explained that “the outcomes delivered speak for themselves, with marked increases in engagement and productivity and reductions in attrition and anxiety. Possibly most impressive was the many employee testimonials that referenced how this programme had helped them in their personal as well as work lives.”

David Ogilvie, Managing Director of The Resilience Development Company, said, “This is our second major award win this year, and we’ve made the shortlist for another two. This award shows that we have a winning recipe that innovates in learning and development, produces demonstrable performance improvement and business impact for the client, as well as evidence of value for money.”

110 Organisations employing 2.5 million people globally

Announcing this year’s awards, run virtually for the first time, chair of judges Tim Pointer said 110 organisations were represented at the event, employing some 2.5 million people globally. “If we’re going to win in the marketplace, we have to win in the workplace. If you think that changing the culture of your organisation is daunting, start with yourself, start with modeling those behaviours, that way of working that you wish to see in others. >If those 2.5 million people go home and you add immediate family, this might total another six million or so people, if we get our organisational cultures right, if we do things the right way in our businesses, well we get to impact the wellbeing and the experience of about 8.5 million people. We get that many people to be happier. I think that’s a prize worth celebrating.” In such a challenging year, the awards took on even more meaning for HR professionals who have worked hard to support each other, their organisations and their communities in order to survive and succeed. So we would like to say well done to all the organisations who have been recognised for their exceptional business culture. You can find a full list of all the categories and winners here.

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