On-line learning & development built for the chaos of life

The world of is changing at an unprecedented rate, so the need for people to develop the resilience skills to maintain their emotional and mental health has never been greater. That's why we've created on-line learning and development that enables you to build resilience by design. We will help you to break down your barriers to performance and wellbeing.

And nothing you don't

Everything you need

Our on-line programme gives you access to the same skills we teach in organisations, right at your finger tips. All of our training is designed by us and focuses on practical skills rather than long winded theory. The training is interactive, full of diverse content and gives you on-going access to extra resources after the programme has finished. All fully responsive so it looks great on the big screen as well as on the device in your pocket.

Full of useful extras as standard


Interactivity accelerates learning, in fact, we retain up to 70% more from an interactive experience than a boring watch and learn approach. It's why all our programmes immerse participants in video, games, micro-challenges and utilises technology from start to finish.

Resilience App from The Resilience Development Company resilience training
Useful rather than just interesting


Developing skills happens through reflective, adaptive and active learning reinforcement. Our programmes include the right blend of coaching, experiential exercises, quizzes, challenges, gamification and additional resources to ensure what you learn sticks.  For example, with more than 200+ videos, articles, worksheets and podcasts, our Resilience Apps gives every thing you need to build your resilience right at your finger tips.

Upgrade your experience


Traditional online learning often misses the 1 on 1 interaction that people need so we developed a system where you can contact a coach anytime with a question or ask for help applying a skill. You can upload files, leave a message and we get back to you. All from within your on-line course.

Exploring your personal resilience further

Speed up your results

If you want the ultimate experience then why not book a personal session with one of our resilience coaches and build your resilience with their support via video link. Your coach will support you as you build your resilience skills into your daily routine and support your growth as you move through the course.