Performance, growth and wellbeing is possible with our winning formula.

Flows™ + Pace™ = Resilience

Feel Better

Micro stresses are hard to spot individually, but they pack a punch cumulatively, zapping our performance, relationships and wellbeing. Often without us realising before it’s too late.

Our skills-based, proven and straightforward step-by-step programmes give you a toolkit to recognise and manage hidden stressors before they become an issue. Focusing on “how to” rather than information overload, theory and a one-size-fits-all approach, you develop the resilience skills to create environments where people thrive.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you fit in the organisation, you’ll have skills to feel better in and out of work.

Live Better

Concerned you’ll forget what you learn? Don’t be.

Most coaching and training leave people feeling great in the moment, but without the skills to keep yourself from falling back into old habits, they don’t last long, meaning that the return on your investment, dwindles. The tools and skills we teach are immediately and infinitely scalable, meaning they can be used in all areas of life, producing an even bigger impact on reducing stress and improving communication and personal performance.


We’ve also got you covered with digital resources and reminders – there when you need them.

Own Your Resilience

Worried about one-size-fits-all generic approaches to building resilience?

Worry not. Our immersive and practical bite-size sessions give you everything you need to build a toolkit for change, positive mental health, wellbeing and performance. 

It’s a personal skills based toolkit for life that is sustainable and scalable. It means you can own your resilience as an individual, team, leader or organisation.

Work Better

Concerned about demonstrating ROI?

Don’t be. Our programmes are:

Backed up by science & experience: We spent years developing these programmes and 10 years optimising the latest research and delivery.

Validated:  We use proven & accurate models & tools to create our programmes.

Able to show a clear return on investment: We’ve been measuring ROI on our programmes since 2013, meaning we know your average ROI for every £1 you spend with us.

Evidence-based: We’ve been measuring participant baseline and end-line data since 2013, meaning we can give you a clear view of what your organisation can achieve in terms of morale, stress reduction, productivity and communication.


Share It

Are mental health, performance and wellbeing high on the agenda?

Our straightforward skills base and language means you can quickly and easily share your resilience. As a leader, with your teams, throughout your organisational culture.

And the bonus is your people can share it at home. In our experience, many will thank you for the impact on their wellbeing, mental health and work-life balance.

Our FLOWS methodology is a proven, clear roadmap to developing PACE in your people

Pace Step One


Our resilience skills base enables your people to amplify the positive and reframe the negative. We are not talking about a world full of “fairies and unicorns.” More the development of realistic optimism and the ability to take control of the things that matter.


Imagine being able to respond to changing circumstances rapidly. Stop imagining and learn a skill set that enables you to do that with minimum emotional upheaval and mental strain.

Pace Step Three


Without confidence, it is harder to commit. Our skills give you a direct roadmap to the clarity of thought and spirit you need to innovate and quickly recover from setbacks.

Pace Step Four


We all know that engaged people are productive people. We will show you how to spot the hidden signs of disengagement and deal with them. Or, as psychologists call it, Flow – the optimal amount of stretch rather than boredom or burnout. No matter what you are doing.

Thousands of people have discovered that FLOWS™ + PACE™
Resilience Step One

Mental Resilience

Mental resilience is all about maintaining positivity in challenging times and protecting against the  adverse effects of stressors. We will show you how to address those thinking patterns that get in the way of the results you need.

Emotional Resilience

Inner strength. Learn how to generate positive emotion for the task at hand. Understand yourself at a deeper level to regulate your emotions so you can focus on the things that matter.

Social Resilience

Solid and psychologically safe relationships are the glue of well being and resilience. We will show you skills that are the building block of workplaces where people want to come to work and thrive.

Physical Resilience

We leave the physical side of resilience to others who do it far better than us. It means you will never see us in Spandex or Lycra leading an exercise session. That said, about 1/3 of people experiencing our programmes improve their physical resilience.