Module 2: Thinking

Thinking is module 2 of our on-line resilience training programme. It includes simple examples, proven tools and instructions for building awareness of your thinking and it’s impact on your wellbeing and resilience.


In this course you will partake in a series of challenges that help you understand why your thinking drives your emotions and behaviour and how it distorts your experiences. We will show you 4 skills to help you understanding and become more accountable for your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. By engaging in a series of challenges and skills designed to build a deeper insight into your thinking patterns, especially the ones that work against you, you will learn new skills to generate more helpful paths.

Who is Thinking for?

  • Anyone looking to improve their resilience by understanding their thinking patterns. Whilst it is standalone it is module 2 of our full on-line resilience training programme.
  • Managers of teams looking to build their capability and capacity.
  • Individuals looking to improve their wellbeing with a skills based approach.

What are are the benefits of Thinking

  • Enriched emotional intelligence and greater empathy
  • Improved critical-thinking skills and decision making
  • Strengthened communications and relationships
  • Improved self control
  • Improved wellbeing and overall resilience.