Module 3: Agile Thinking

Agile Thinking is module 3 of our on-line resilience training programme. It includes simple examples, proven tools and instructions for understanding your thinking habits at a deeper level for greater wellbeing and resilience.


In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to build a deeper insight into your thinking patterns, especially the ones that work against you and learn new skills to generate more helpful paths. We will build on the core skills from previous courses, and give you 4 new skills to incorporate into your life that will enable you to identify and manage rigid patterns of thinking and cultivate an openness to new ideas, experiences and perspective by navigating, adapting and changing thinking and behaviours to get a better outcome for success.

How will this build my resilience?

Key concepts include:

  • Learn how to think accurately under pressure and maintain flexible & balanced thinking that drives performance, well-being & effectiveness.
  • Learn skills to challenge your unhelpful thinking habits for a more productive outcome.
  • Recognise the link between deeply held values and beliefs and their impact on your thinking.
  • Understand how to challenge both the context and the content of your thinking.