Week 2-3

Enroll today and continue raising your resilience with skills focusing on building emotional intelligence and awareness. It’s a complete and practical guide that helps you understand yourself in a much deeper way and takes your thinking to a higher level of self awareness and personal responsibility.


Train your brain

And improve your game with this 2 module pack full of short and effective skill sessions focusing on giving you a greater understanding of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and motivations.

In this collection of 2 modules you will learn:

  • How thinking drives emotional and behavioural responses
  • How to spot auto-pilot thinking and the impact an over reliance on it can lead to snap judgements and bias
  • What features of the mind lead us to thinking traps 
  • Skills techniques and buffers to change your instinctive thinking patterns.
  • Skills that build on the skills from week 1 
  • Fundamental skills that can be built on when you continue your journey with us

Starting is simple

Everything you need is included and instantly accessible. Quick skill sessions make it easy to find time to build your understanding of emotion and behaviour.

  • 11 resilience skills focusing on your predominant thinking style
  • 7 videos, 19 exercises and 2 quiz’s to keep you interested and engaged
  • 2 workbooks that look great printed or fully editable in pdf if you prefer not to print
  • 18 micro challenges to help you put your skills into practice 
  • Lifetime access 

Who Is it For?

Our programmes have helped thousands of people build a deeper understanding of their emotions and behaviour. This course is for you if….

  • You have completed week 1 of our 8 week resilience programme and want to continue your journey 
  • You’re a parent looking for ways to improve relationships  in your family
  • You are looking for improved self management and interactions with others
  • You are busy and need straight forward, practical and quick to access skills
  • You need practical ways to maintain your own mental health
  • You need to maintain performance without sacrificing your wellbeing

Expect The best

A lot of digital resilience courses don’t deliver what you need when you need it. Ours are different. Whether you are on the couch, in the office or out and about, you can expect:

  • Everything you need on-line
  • Practical skills you can use immediately
  • Looks great on any device
  • Engaging content. We don't do boring
  • Convenience - you can dip in for a few minutes at a time
  • Quality - it's built by our expert trainers and coaches
  • Support. You can call or e-mail us anytime

Expect Results

Weeks 2 and 3 focus on building emotional intelligence and awareness. It’s a complete and practical guide that helps you understand yourself in a much deeper way. 

You’ll quickly gain:
  • Increased insights into your triggers, behaviours and responses to others
  • You will understand how to identify and manage inner conflicts
  • You will gain specific tools and skills to improve your emotional resilience that enable you to shift up to a higher level of self awareness and personal responsibility

Got a question? Your answer may just be in the FAQs Below:

The simple answer? It depends on how committed you are to taking what we show you and implementing it. Everything we show you is evidence based and we can tell you we’ve trained thousands of people and won awards for our work. All we can do is point you to the testimonials, case studies and awards on our website so you can see what happened when others followed our strategies and committed fully.

Weeks 2 & 3 are comprised of a series of video and article based lessons with companion workbooks, which are housed in a secure online classroom. All content is instantly available and we recommend you review one module and and then take the opportunity to put your new found skills and knowledge into all aspects of your life. As you would expect, you can access all of the course materials from your desktop computer or mobile device, making it easy to consume content whenever and from wherever you choose.

We find that students get the best results when they set aside around sixty minutes per module to focus on the course material. After that it’s all about finding ways to implement what you learn into your daily life. How you carve out that time is really up to you and how you learn best, but know that it’s entirely possible to get tremendous results from both modules even in just 15 minutes a day!

When it comes down to it, the question of whether the course is worth the investment is really up to you. Of course, there are other resilience training courses out there, but in reality, old-school stress programmes dressed up as resilience will likely have little impact. When you make a one-time investment in these modules you’ll receive lifetime access to a course that not only gives you new skills to elevate all aspects of your resilience, but promises to make lowering your stress and improving wellbeing more practical, quicker and easier than ever before.

The bottom line?

When you join us, you’re investing in more than just an online program – you’re investing in yourself and your future. If you would like us to help you make the right decision for you, you can always contact us and chat it through.

All you need is access to the internet on a modern device and preferably a pen and paper. All our workbooks are fully interactive but we do suggest that you have a hard copy in front of you.  Many of the activities do not require anything other than your attention and commitment so the large majority of the course could be done with just your phone in your hand. 

Yes. We spend most of our time helping individuals and large teams build their resilience and everyone at The Resilience Development Company is a qualified and practicing coach. It means we are able to support you with video conferencing based coaching sessions so please get in touch to discuss. You’ll find us friendly, helpful and never pushy. Any conversation is confidential with no obligation on your part.

In all our programmes although we tend to keep things simple as that makes it actionable. That said, if you are interested in the jargon and terminology, we focus on building 8 key competencies:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-regulation
  3. Mental agility 
  4. Self-efficacy 
  5. Psychological safety
  6. Optimism
  7. Building on strength
  8. Positive relationships

Ideally yes although each of our packs can and do stand alone. We’ve ordered them to replicate the same journey people in our organisational resilience training programmes experience. You may find we refer to some skills taught in previous modules although you will still get a great deal from this pack.

Ready to shift up your Thinking a higher level?

Then don’t pass up your opportunity to enroll in Weeks 2&3  – Train Your Brain