Weeks 4-6

In weeks 4-6 you will gain  a greater understanding of how you use your energy, what your character strengths are and learn about connection with others.


Quick skill sessions

Make it easier to find time to build your resilience with short and effective skill sessions focusing on giving you a greater understanding of your energy, character strengths and connection with others.

Build resilience your way

Anytime and anywhere choose a skill that suits you and your preferred way of building resilience. Each skill comes with tips on when and where to use it and a list of micro-challenges to get you started is included.  

Increase energy levels, discover who you are at your best and build deeper relationships

Weeks 4-6 continue your journey in building resilience with three additional modules. You will  explore how you manage your energy for improved productivity, discover you at your best with character strengths and how to improve the quality of your relationships for improved resilience.

In a nutshell lots of really useful skills and how to build them into your life. Key concepts covered:

  • How to work with your biology for optimum performance without sacrificing wellbeing.
  • How to leverage the positive psychology of character strengths for engagement, happiness and deeper connection to yourself and tasks. 
  • How to build strong bonds that provide you with a stable platform to stretch, grow and take risks.


Getting started is simple. Everything you need to continue building your resilience is included in 3 new modules:

  • 23 resilience skills focusing on your predominant thinking style
  • 13 videos, 8 exercises and 5 quiz’s to keep you interested and engaged
  • 3 workbooks that look great printed or fully editable in pdf if you prefer not to print
  • 31 micro challenges to help you put your skills into practice 
  • Lifetime access 
When you purchase 4-6 of your 8 week resilience plan you gain access to skills that have helped thousands of people live better, work better and feel better. It’s ideal for:

  • Anyone who has completed weeks 2+3 of the resilience programme.
  • Managers and leaders of teams aiming to increase their energy levels, build authenticity and create deeper connections with people.
  • Busy people who need resilience training that is fast, flexible and effective
  • Anyone interested in maintaining their own mental and emotional health
  • High performers looking to go from good to great without sacrificing their wellbeing

These 3 modules provide a complete guide that helps you make changes and take the next step in elevating all aspects of your resilience. Developing the skills in these modules mean you:

  • create more energy so you create higher quality work in less time and less stress
  • improve your relationships 
  • buffer against and overcome setbacks and problems
  • improve work performance 
  • enhance your health and wellbeing