Raising A Resilient Child

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Raising a resilient child
Want to help your child deal with stress and adversity? It’s easier than you think and you can start today with this video and activity pack.

During lockdown we had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with the wonderful Stella Scally- Gower, a teacher and Head of Key Stage 1 at Beaulieu School. As part of a series organised by our local LeanIn network, we focused on 3 of our skills that would:

  • help parents deal with their own pressures AND
  • help their children deal with the upcoming return to the school environment. 

Louise and Stella were so inspired by the feedback they received from the parents on the webinar that they decided to create a video directly to pupils to refresh and explain the skills. They make quite the double act as you will see in the video below and Stella agreed to let us share it with all parents interested in raising a resilient child. 

If you’re a parent or professional who works with children (such as an educator or health professional), download the activity pack below so you can help raise a resilient child everday.

Yes please, send me the activity pack!

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