Reducing stress In Emergency Services

How experienced, senior leaders reduced stress, anxiety and the risk of burnout with resilience

The challenge

The senior leadership team at Jersey Fire and Rescue recognised the need to take a proactive approach to resilience and develop skills for the many stressful events they experienced regularly. As well as incident stress, they are liable to other organisational stressors such as interpersonal relations, change and lean resourcing. 

How we helped

Favouring a pro-active approach we developed Resilience leader skills for challenging situations both incident related and day-to-day.

The skills can be employed on incidents, in the station or at home as well as being applied to various aspects of change. The 4 areas of focus were leadership, self-awareness, well-being and overall resilience.

Work better, Live, better, Feel better

Dramatic reductions in stress and improved emotional thriving

0 %
Decrease in measured stress levels
0 %
Increase in emotional thriving

Stress & strains become much more manageable. The time you spend you reap back in planning, preparation and what you need to achieve. If we had the budget to train everyone, we wouldn't think twice about it. The team at Resilience Development Company have the experience and approach that immediately made them credible in front of the senior officers."

There is a lot of training out there that tells you the what and the why but it doesn't show you how. The resilience programme focused on how and I liked that. I could immediately take things away and get on with it."


“I am far more productive, and the resilience programme helped me physically, emotionally and mentally. It helps me deal with the pressures and stress we get as firefighters and leaders. I’d recommend your resilience training to anyone in Emergency Services. It’s that good.” Watch commander

Our programmes focus on organisational and psycho-social factors to raise resilience levels in people and create the conditions where people thrive. It’s an essential differentiation as resilience is often thought of as ‘bounce back’, and some mental health programmes have a small section on building resilience. 

Attendees reporting increased ability
To deal with pressure and stress 100%
Reported increased ability
To think accurately in challenging times 100%
Saw a direct link between the skills
And positive mental health 100%
Saw a direct link between the skills
And a culture where people thrive 100%
Emma Ogilvie


” The senior team became such strong advocates of our programme that they offered training rooms in a local station to help us deliver resilience training for parents in our community for free. We will always be grateful for that support.”

Emma Ogilvie – Our Community Project Lead