Facing the risk of redundancy with resilience

How we supported a government department take a people-centred approach to redundancy and preparing their people for their transition.


Losing your job can be one of the most challenging and most upsetting things to face. Our client wanted to ensure that the transition was supported with skills that enabled people to manage change and uncertainty while moving forward throughout the transition process.

They recognised this was key to organisational reputation and trust.


Two cohorts of leaders attended our Resilient Leader programme to ensure they built skills to support and grow both their own and others wellbeing and resilience. 

People at risk attended one of five “roadshow” sessions focusing on skills designed to deal with the emotional, mental and social transitions they faced.

Whilst the two work streams measured different outcomes, common across both were:

Increased resilience and wellbeing

Increase in resilience levels
0 %
Reported increased ability to deal with challenge
0 %

Before I went on the course, I would have described my feelings as "well here we go again another happy clapping management course" I quickly changed my mind, as the course is so different to anything I have previously been nominated to attend.

I am better equipped and feel more confident to deal with the challenging situations I face."

Relatable and applicable

The roadshows focused on those people at risk of redundancy, with the majority in manual roles. Our approach needed to be sensitive, practical and inclusive in terms of the skills base.

Combining the roadshows with the leadership programme meant that all leaders shared the same skills base and language as the roadshows. This gave the leadership team the skills, tools and shared language to support and coach their people through this challenging transition. The benefit of this approach shone through in the outcomes, some of which are highlighted here.

Application to real life
% of people using the skills straight away 94%
% of people reporting a more positive mindset to change 94%
High levels of advocacy
% of people who would recommend 99%
Reduction in stress
% of people reporting reductions in stress 84%
Loiuse Scambler

transitioning with strength

Redundancy can understandably take a toll on mental health and wellbeing as many of us often define ourselves by our profession. Providing people with the emotional, mental and social skills they need is often the forgotten part of the process.

We love to partner with organisations that care about their people at all stages of their journey together. Endings are often as important as beginnings when it comes to organisational reputation and trust.

Louise Scambler – Co-founder   

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