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Want a proven way to relieve stress, relax and let it all wash over you? It’s natural to feel stressed from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it control your life. Excessive stress leads to anxiety, depression and a significant drop in your quality of life.

  • Rest and relax, safe in the knowledge everything is okay
  • Sleep easy because you won’t be stressing into the early hours, night after night
  • Take back control over how you feel, think and behave and become stress and anxiety-free
  • Help the whole family with practical skills that bring you closer together

There’s nothing worse than an online course that’s complicated, convoluted and just goes on and on, so we didn’t make one that’s anything like that. Here’s what we created instead:​

  • Online access to our safe and secure platform from any device, at any time, no matter where you are.
  • 12 evidence-based solutions that will help you, your family and your loved ones thrive like never before.
  • Interactive content so you can learn through videos and activities and use proven tools to measure your progress.
  • Exclusive workbook that gets you to fully commit without even realising it.
  • Lifetime access, because it’s the least we can offer.

Discover Your True Potential

We’re everyday people just like you, which means we understand just how much chronic stress and anxiety can hold you back in life. It’s why our approach focuses on unlocking potential you never knew you had by giving you the tools to relieve stress and strain. And because you can apply what you’ll learn in hundreds of different ways, you’ll start to see changes in every area of your life.


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This is a gem of a company. This online resilience module, really surpassed my expectation and I can highly recommend it. Particularly for anyone looking to increase productivity, become more self aware, balance their work & home life and generally looking to relieve stress in life. The communication is fun, clear and engaging. From the first day, I found myself incorporating some of their techniques, both at home and at work, with positive results.
Lee Wigglesworth
Business Owner, Thailand
From the first module the strong and easily understandable CBT approach is presented with practicality and humour. I've loved this user-friendly, polished course and also the aspect of having a workbook. Thanks, Resilience Development Company!
Rachel Perchard
Nurse - NHS England
If you are looking to relieve stress quickly then this course is life changing. The fact you can do it online is perfect as I am always so busy! I’ve always struggled with stress and this course has helped me so much. I’m less stressed, more confident and a better parent because of it.
Catherine Newell
Finance Industry

From a Team you can trust

It’s time to live your best life. Stress Less has been designed by experts with backgrounds in psychology and counselling, Elite Military, Learning & Development and Business.

We’ve been lucky enough to support 1000’s of people, all from different walks of life. We’ve worked across a diverse set of industries ranging from the NHS and Education, right through to FTSE 100 organisations. We’re proud of what we do and have even won Global Awards for our unique and life changing approach.

David Ogilvie - Resilience Coach I Director I Resilience Trainer
Louise Scambler

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