Learn how to stress less & perform more

Learn a smart new way to eliminate stress in this short on-demand course and start working, living and feeling better.

This is a mini-course with a massive impact delivered by the team from the multi-award-winning resilience training and coaching company.  Thousands of people have trusted us to transform their relationship with stress completely! Now it’s your turn.

This course is for you if you are:

First, we will show you the truth about stress.

You will discover the impact it has on your thinking, health, performance and relationships.

Next, you will explore new ways to achieve breakthroughs in all aspects of your life.

You’ll discover twelve skills that transform your personal stress management and resilience. We promise you that these skills can be used in hundreds of different ways at work, at home and everywhere in between.

Then you get to try them for yourself.

After taking part, you will have everything you need to try this new approach and see why thousands of people have embraced it as a powerful toolkit to work better, live better and feel better. As an added bonus, you can access the course again anytime you like. Anywhere. On any device.

We love Stress Less because it changes people's lives:

“Easily understandable. Presented with practicality and humour. I've loved this user-friendly, polished course. Thanks, Resilience Development Company!”
Rachel Perchard - Nurse - NHS
“I finally understand my brain!! - I wish I'd learnt this when I was at primary/secondary school so they could have benefited my life earlier on. Thank you so much.”
Honour Butel
“If you are looking to relieve stress quickly, then this course is life-changing. I’m less stressed, more confident and a better parent because of it."
Catherine Newell
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"Where was this twenty years ago? I could have done with it then, I'm glad I've got it now.”
Dawn - Mental Health Professional
“Stress can often feel uncontrollable - with this resilience course, you learn to recognise it, deal with it and avoid wasting so much energy on things you have little control over."
Sarah Le Page - Recruitment
Work Better. Live Better. Feel Better.


  • A calmer sense of wellbeing
  • More patience with others
  • Better relationships with colleagues, friends and family
  • The ability to focus and get things done
  • Quality sleep
  • Energy – to pursue not only what you need to do but also what you want to do!
  • Clear-headed thinking for those tricky times
  • The ability to be okay, no matter what’s happening around you
  • An upbeat mood that places a real smile on your face
  • Happiness, from the inside out
Work Better

People experiencing this course report a better work/life balance and quality of work after completion.

Live Better

8 out of 10 people taking this course said their personal relationships improved as a result of lower stress levels and reactions.

Feel Better

Many people report increases in the quality of their sleep, emotional resilience and increased self-confidence.

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Learn from the very best

The team at The Resilience Development Company work with people every day, helping them stress less and do more. Everyone of us helped design this short course and we know it works. Forget just sitting there listening to loads of theory and interesting quotes, that sound nice but make no difference. We know that knowledge alone is not enough, so each step of the way there is a skill that you can take away and use immediately to help you achieve a lowered stress level. 

Emma Ogilvie
Course Development
David Ogilvie - Resilience Coach I Director I Resilience Trainer
David Ogilvie
Executive & Resilience Coach
Louise Scambler
Professional Coach & Facilitator
Jon Watkins
Performance & Resilience Coach

Don't settle for wired and tired.

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