Building resilience with 1:1 resilience coaching

How 1:1 resilience coaching helped our private client raise his wellbeing, productivity and confidence

The challenge

Dan (not his real name) had recently dropped out of university, begun to lose track of his goals and aspirations and was feeling stuck. He’d approached coaches and whilst he found some things useful he had never really found a partnership that had worked. He felt he was lacking something that no amount of coaching could fill and was looking for something different.

Dan was aware he was struggling with the pressures and demands placed on him and felt his confidence, wellbeing and self esteem ebb away.

How we helped

Dan worked with his personal resilience coach on a tailored resilience coaching programme. Over regular sessions Dan gained a set of skills to manage the mental, social and emotional challenges within his life and improve his wellbeing 

Combined with his personal resilience App, unlimited access to his coach by phone and e-mail Dan applied his new skills and knowledge to deal with tough situations, enabling him to break down his barriers to performance and wellbeing.

Life changing

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decrease in anxiety
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decrease in measured stress
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increase - psychological safety
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increase in productivity

" The biggest change in me? My self confidence, my concentration and I have more drive. With this coaching I will remain positive and analyse situations better and think logically/calmly. Think towards the future more and do what makes me happy and fulfilled. Play to my strengths and be aware of those of others.

Dan when asked about the impact of resilience coaching Tweet

" So much good content, theory and techniques were made available to me. I have really adopted a few methods that have worked best for me and they have made a HUGE difference. There is so much more that I can take-on in time and I have finished with the confidence that I will be able to do so. Excellent, informative training."

Dan when asked about the impact of resilience coaching Tweet
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increase in optimism
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increase in resilience

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