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Dealing with change is overwhelming. How do you survive and even thrive? We understand the struggle and have helped countless people deal with change by reinventing their emotional and mental resilience. Are you ready to reinvent?

Typical outcomes include:

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decrease in stress
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decrease in anxiety

Discover new ways to raise your resilience and wellbeing

Resilience coaching gives you skills for life that you were not taught in school or in the workplace. Skills for dealing with tough situations and skills that enable you to perform when others struggle. 

elevate every aspect of your resilience

"Impact wise, it completely changed my understanding of me..."

Unlike other coaching programs, our resilience coaching methods go beyond simple strategies and mentoring techniques. You'll gain a skills base of tools and techniques that build confidence, focus, emotional strength and clarity.  Watch Marc describe how our resilience coaching helped him move from Fire Fighter to global award-winning drone photographer.
Responsive on-line resilience training

wellbeing & resilience coaching for modern life

Fast, effective and designed around you

Your resilience coach will help you get to the nub of your wellbeing, adaptability and performance in a straightforwardly. With focused coaching sessions and access to your Digital Academy and Resilience App, you will soon rediscover what it feels like to be performing at ease.


So simple but when embraced really meaningful. I started this process thinking that Resilience Development Company would provide tools but I was wrong. It’s not tools you offer but the toolbox to carry them in. It’s the whole approach from initial thinking, starting, dealing with and then reflecting on any issue or relationship."

Martin Allix - Head of Operations - Fire & Rescue

"Impact wise, it completely change my understanding of me..."​

Marc Le Cornu - Award Winning Drone Pilot Tweet

" These skills help me to deal with any situation I am faced with in a way that develops my confidence. I am better equipped to manage stress, solve problems and achieve goals. An experience which made an immediate difference to how I think about everything! "

Dr Helen Miles - Government Tweet

" I approached resilience coaching for wellbeing and it's had a big impact. My attitude and outlook is more positive and I apply resilience skills daily. For so long I told myself I wasn't good enough and couldn't do the job but no one told me this, only me. My mind-set has changed, negative thoughts have shifted and I know I can and that I am good enough."

Private Client - Financial Services



Resilience is not something that you have or lack. Neither is it something you are born with or without, which means anyone and everyone can benefit from developing their resilience.

  • You live a busy life and need resilience coaching that is fast, flexible and effective
  • You are noticing the signs of and/or looking to avoid burnout
  • You are experiencing high levels of stress and would like to adapt rather than just cope
  • You need coaching to maintain your performance without sacrificing your wellbeing
  • You are interested in self development and personal performance
  • You’ve tried counselling and looking for something different
  • You are struggling with motivation and confidence

Everyone is different and people approach resilience coaching for many reasons. Here is an example of what was achieved by one of our clients:

  • 84% reduction in stress
  • 71% decrease in anxiety
  • 150% increase in optimism
  • 350% increase in resilience

Of everyone who has ever experienced our resilience coaching:

  • 100% would recommend us to a friend or colleague
  • 100% achieved the goals / results they were looking for
  • 92% report that they continue to use a resilience skill at least weekly
  • 97% reported higher levels of confidence

It’s easy to get started. Your resilience coaching programme includes:

  • 9 sessions with your resilience coach. 
  • 1 profile highlighting your approach to risk and opportunity
  • 1 profile highlighting your unique strengths
  • 6 months access to 200+ unique videos, podcasts, articles and activities all focused on developing resilience in your Digital Skills Academy 
  • 6 months access to your Resilience App
  • 50 page workbook that you keep forever

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