Coaching For Wellbeing & Performance

Resilience Coaching

Whether you are trying to regain, maintain or sustain well-being and performance, your coach helps you identify your unique strengths, achieve your goals and be you at your best.

Why resilience coaching?

Prolonged stress can cause you, or your top talent, to either operate at reduced capacity below their potential or be absent from the organisation entirely due to sick-leave.

This group of highly-talented, responsible people are less likely to ask for help – but they’re the linchpins of your organisation. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Typical coaching outcomes include:

0 %
increase in productivity
0 %
decrease in stress

What is resilience coaching?

Coaching is all about looking forward, gaining clarity on what is working well for you and building on those strengths. The overall objective is to feel more connected, more engaged and positive.

The experience is unique to you and your needs. Some people work on their emotional and mental resilience. Others focus on building their social resilience and overall wellbeing. Your resilience coach works with you every step of the way.

Professional growth

Helping you navigate key transitions in your career.

Personal growth

Recognise and adapt patterns of behaviour that you may not see.

Peak performance

Thrive in all aspects of your life rather than just professionally.

Sustained wellbeing

Feel less stressed, more resilient and connected.


Coaching conversations that change lives

Our coaches all work full time in our company, facilitating conversations that empower people to identify and bring their strengths to life personally and professionally. The coaching experience is built around and unique to you and your growth.

Refreshing, insightful, expert and skilfully delivered. Working in the public sector with all the pressures, demands and compromises required, this has been the single best investment and gift to moving forwards in an informed and re-invigorated way and, with a spring to my step! Inspiring, enabling, accepting, so very skilful and supportive - thank you so much for being awesome! "
Ru Gunawardana
Public Sector
I approached resilience coaching for wellbeing and it's had a big impact. My attitude and outlook is more positive and I apply resilience skills daily. For so long I told myself I wasn't good enough and couldn't do the job but no one told me this, only me. My mind-set has changed and negative thoughts have shifted"
Chief Operating Officer
Financial SERVICES
A unique and open-minded style that helps to take individual resilience to the next level. The coaching techniques are efficient by leveraging diversity, emotions and different thinking styles. I would highly recommend The Resilience Development Company for boosting resilience levels.
Kuba Rusztowicz
Head of Sales - Messaging Services, International Business
Impact wise, it completely change my understanding of me. We all come up with what our view of resilience is but being able to work on a one to one basis...I say don't hesitate. Go for it! "
Marc le Cornu

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