Resilience as the engine for culture change in the finance industry

Delivering increased engagement and productivity with reductions in staff turnover and stress.

The challenge

Our client, a world-leading bank, recognised that the financial industry was experiencing sustained and significant change. They wanted to protect against low resilience, resistance to change, fractured relationships and maintain confidence and pride in the organisation.

To gain a competitive advantage, they felt their 800+ staff, across four geographical locations, needed to remain energised through change, entirely focused on achieving ambitious goals, and dare to look beyond how they currently operate individually and collectively.

How we helped

800+ people from all departments of the bank were trained over two years in our modular Team resilience programme. The scale of rollout during significant change across four locations required both face-to-face and digital delivery.

The programme directly enabled a fundamental re-invention of working relationships and directly supported their strategy to build a people-driven and client-focused model for the future.

The results speak for themselves

Increased engagement, productivity & wellbeing

Increase in Engagement
0 %
Increase in Productivity
0 %

"We were awarded 'Gold' status in the Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index Awards. Our two strongest areas from the report reflect the impact & ethos of the resilience programme around a preventative approach to maintaining mental health coupled with open dialogue."

"The work the Resilience Development Co. has done with employees across our business has not only improved productivity, engagement and performance levels but has also helped our people to confidently manage periods of stress and change, both professionally and personally."

Enhancing wellbeing & mental health

Using pre and post programme surveys comprising proprietary models and scientifically validated tools, we measured an average reduction of anxiety of 18% across the population and a 39% reduction in moderate to severe anxiety, with four indicators of psychological safety also improving.

Our client told us (and many others) – ” We believe that the ability to provide our people with the tools that they need to deal with this level of change has been fundamental to successfully changing how we work together to build a people-driven and client-focused model for the future.” 

Annual decrease in
Attrition 33%
Increase in resilience
Still using the skills
6-24 months later 98%
Seeing a direct link between the skills
And a great employee experience 96%
Seeing a direct link between the skills
And improving wellbeing 84%

An ROI of £1.925 million

We measured tangible changes in productivity, wellbeing, and a desire to stay when thinking of leaving. We calculated an ROI based on increased productivity of £806k and a £1.19 million ROI based on reduced attrition.


“The outcomes delivered speak for themselves, with marked increases in engagement and productivity and reductions in attrition and anxiety. Possibly most impressive was the many employee testimonials that referenced how this programme had helped them in their personal as well as work lives.”

Judging Panel 

Learning Awards Finalist