Building resilience in our community

How do you raise the resilience of a community? One family at a time.

The challenge

Improve outcomes for children across our community by improving the quality of the inter-parental relationships. This is increasingly recognised as a primary influence on effective parenting practices and children’s long-term mental health and future life chances.

The Solution

Since 2015 we have worked in partnership with the charity Resilience Matters to raise the resilience of more than 450 parents. They have gained simple and transferable skills to help themselves and their families navigate change and uncertainty, reduce stress and confidently improve relationships and self-esteem.

We have done this for little or no cost.


0 %
saying better able to handle conflict
0 %
increase in resilience
0 %
reduction in high levels of anxiety

“ Before the workshops I was always anxious and overwhelmed. It’s so unique because it gave me the skills to not only use for myself but pass on to my children too. Parent support can have a stigma attached to it and this just isn’t the case with this. I’ve met new friends, learnt some new skills and these guys have changed my world! ”

" My relationships, especially with husband & daughter are becoming much stronger. I feel more connected."

“ You have honestly changed my life, the way I think and deal with situations. And I am so glad you are making yourselves known to schools! The earlier people can learn the better, and I so hope my son will also learn from yourselves (although I try to spread the knowledge too!)

“ How we deal with my son's anger has changed and we are getting less of it. Yeah!!! Woo Hoo!”

And the Story 3 year later

Improving Families

“ The quality of the inter-parental relationship, specifically how parents communicate and relate to each other, is increasingly recognised as a primary influence on effective parenting practices and children’s long-term mental health and future life chances. Supporting and enabling parents and children in their relationships; their ability to cope, adapt and achieve despite the challenges they may face is essential to our community’s health and sense of well-being. Programmes which strengthen families are an important tool to improve outcomes for children across our community.”

Dr Helen Miles – Policy Director – Government of Jersey  Commenting professionally after experiencing our programme 

% Report continued use
of the resilience skills 97%
Reported continued impact of the skills
in reducing pressure & stress 90%
Continue to improve relationships
through use of the skills 84%
Using the skills with their children
up to 3 years after the training 80%

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resilience in school

Building resilience in schools

Taking a whole school approach means we can introduce a core set of skills to proactively manage mental health and reduce the social and emotional barriers to learning, together. There is so much power in introducing a common language in which our school community are better able to talk about their challenges and their emotions without feeling vulnerable. So many young people today have low aspirations and opinions of their learning capacity and motivation and resilience is reaching chronic levels.

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