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Our team have spoken at events across the globe; both in person and virtually, where our resilience skills are applied to create positive behavioural changes in people across all business levels.

" Jon was engaging, funny and informative, whilst delivering excellent tips in a relatively short space of time. The additional take away personalised website and help sheet was a bonus to refer to and share with colleagues who couldn’t attend. Personally, I have put a lot of the skills learnt into practice and have shared some of them with friends and family when they have needed them! I would highly recommend Jon and the Resilience Development Co. – excellent value for money and a great addition to any event. "
Zoe Jones
People Engagement Lead, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency



We believe resilience can be weaved into the fabric of every organisation. The problem is, most resilience based talks only give you the ‘what and the why’ they don’t give you the ‘how’.

Through our talks, every participant learns instantly usable resilience skills which can be used in the moment and in any combination, making stronger individuals, stronger teams and stronger organisations.

Our talks are created to be universally understood, no matter your background.

" I wanted to say a huge thank you for the session on Resilience that you ran at the People and Business Services event earlier this month. You only had an hour with us, but in that time you were able to share a number of practical tools and insights that felt fresh, relatable and easy to apply. The session was well-delivered, pacy and a lot of fun. The energy you created in the room was really tangible. We are still collecting feedback from those who attended, but a number of people came up to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed the session. Subsequently, a lot of those who have given feedback have identified your session as a highlight of the conference, for example: “The resilience session was by far my highlight. Loved the clarity on responsibility - something we could share much more widely. "
Clare Fielden
Head of People Change


Learning to thrive not survive

Building resilience

Change readiness

Imposter syndrome

Customer service

Managing menopause

Transitioning careers

Navigating high pressure

Wellbeing & productivity

Building high performance teams

" Jon delivered a highly engaging session for us – getting us to think about our own impact and what really matters, delivering practical ways to practice resilience that I know colleagues and myself have been able to immediately apply. "
Cara McMahon
Head of Talent Management and Wellbeing
" Exactly what I’d hoped. We would in fact love to do it again from the same point of view. The players left the meeting saying, I could have listened to him for another hour. "
Rob Webber
Jersey Reds Head coach
" A really interesting and engaging talk and I know from the DMs I’m getting from colleagues that the topics, the timing and the delivery landed really well. "
Kelly Black
PZ Cussons Head of people development


Our resilience talks offer simple, actionable skills that can be immediately implemented in various situations as soon as participants leave the training room.

Evidence-based, psychology & neuroscience

Everything we teach is evidence-based, and we have spent ten years optimising the latest research and techniques.

Deliverd by an expert

Our talks are suitable for audiences of all shapes and sizes and are engaging, practical and relevant.


Give your teams the essential thinking, emotional and social skills needed to maintain wellbeing, boost engagement and drive performance.

100% evidence-based training underpinned with a skill set derived from positive psychology, neuroscience, elite military, leadership, coaching & counselling.

For leaders who want to prioritise their own mental wellbeing & role model behaviours in the workplace.

Resilient Leader gives you the
essential thinking, emotional and
social skills needed to gain more self-awareness, reduce stress levels & understand the impact of your leadership style on others.

Your coach helps you move forward, clarify what is important to you, and build on your strengths.

Whether you are trying to boost your wellbeing and performance, your coach helps you identify your unique strengths, achieve your goals and be you at your best. It’s coaching for growth, wellbeing and performance.