RBC unlocked growth, performance & wellbeing in 120 senior leaders

A modular programme designed to upskill leaders and bring emotional, mental and social strategies and tools to significant change.

The Brief

RBC had ambition and knew they had to consider how they could change at pace, whilst ensuring behaviours maintained wellbeing and performance for the whole team.

As part of their change approach is was critical the entire senior leadership embraced new ways of doing and thinking. And so they asked us to step in and start the spark.


120 leaders attended a bespoke modular Resilient Leader programme. Cohorts were staggered to allow operational flexibility and benchmarks were obtained.

All leaders were profiled to understand their personal stance to navigate change and risk before exploring habits, beliefs and behaviour. Everyone had full access to online and app-based resources.

A learning experience that packed a real punch  

Increasing engagement and productivity

Increase in Engagement
0 %
Increase in Productivity
0 %

I've seen significant change in individuals. Change that I would never have expected to see in senior people. Their level of authenticity has increased, and even the language they use is different. That's all down to the Resilient Leader programme. "

They were the only people who talked about resilience in terms of a skills base, business outcomes & return on investment. They deliver exactly what they say they will deliver & they do it in a way that resonated with our senior team. "


Improving the wellbeing and resilience of leaders led to reduction in voluntary attrition and an uplift in engagement and productivity. And yes, these outcomes were measured against a control group so they stood up to rigour. 

“During a year of significant change, we expected turnover to increase or remain the same. We have not seen the historical trend of people leaving after receiving their bonuses” –  Business Unit Head of HR.

Decrease in voluntary attrition
Annual 35%
Average increase in resilience
Across all cohorts 58%
% of attendees reporting
Improved wellbeing 84%
% seeing a direct link between the skills
And creating a culture where people thrive 98%

An ROI of £3.28 for every £1 spent

Measuring tangible changes in productivity, wellbeing, and a desire to stay when thinking of leaving, we calculated an ROI based on increased productivity of £3.28 for every £1 spent and a £525k ROI based on reduced attrition.

Learning Excellence Winner 2021

Picking up two awards

We are proud that our client permitted us to enter our work together into the Learning Excellence Awards, where we won in both the “Team Development” and “Outstanding Achievement” categories.