Resilience Training


The ability to be mentally and emotionally flexible during change is a core capability. By developing resilience in your teams you promote mental health, lower stress, absence and turnover and increase engagement, productivity and culture.


Personal resilience is based on a distinct set of skills. Our resilience training focuses on skills development in areas such as realistic optimism, problem solving skills, boundaries, focus of control, regulating emotions, empathy, responding rather than reacting and building strong support networks. It’s as much about bouncing forward as it is about bouncing back.

We will also show you that resilience is not just personal it’s situational. Your people will quickly learn how to apply them to leadership, team dynamics, culture, wellbeing and mental health. We pretty much guarantee that your people will also use them in their personal life.

These core skills underpin many aspects of organisational and leadership development interventions and we work hard to understand your key objectives and audience and tailor your programme.


In order to develop resilience in organisations we offer a unique approach and a market leading set of digital tools. This means our clients avoid the 3 major shortcomings of training and development – information overload, a one size fits all approach and a lack of application in the real world.

Put simply, the big difference between us and other offerings is application rather than just knowledge, people will change, they will apply the theory based skills in a visible and beneficial way.

We help you recognise the cost of your current habits and behaviours which sparks change. We don’t tell you, we dont make you feel in the wrong we show you and this encourages and speeds up the change in behaviour as you are choosing to do it.

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Resilience training that sticks. Practical skills. A unique approach.

Our approach follows our unique ESDB approach to developing resilience. It’s the difference between training that’s theory based and forgotten in days or just not applied in the work environment and our training that’s accessible, practical and sticks. If any provider offers you a tour of theory, chalk and talk presentations, we’d recommend you to talk to us first.

1. EXPLORE resilience

We build on your current approach to change & levels of engagement. We’ll help you think through your current habits and behaviours & tailor the experience to you.

2. DO resilience

Get cracking. We’ll help you understand how you navigate change & then work together over flexible, short sessions to develop key resilience skills.

3. SEE resilience

After every session you practice the skills in the real world and see the reaction & benefits for yourself. We set you challenges & extra support including access to your personal workbook, peer group & online skills support.

4. BE resilient

Never look back. You’ve changed. You’re getting a better response from the people around you, stressing less, making better decisions and your confidence & trust has increased. Now that feels good doesn’t it?

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