Invest in your mental wellbeing in the same way you invest in your physical health. Join the new community and measure the results in less stress and increased wellbeing.

Resilience is the perfect confidence and wellbeing engine with significant benefits for mental health. And it works best when it’s skills-based and owned by you. In this new membership community, featuring on-line training and Facebook community group, you’ll get the strategies, techniques and support to plan, build and sustain your resilient life.

Here's what you'll get immediately from membership


From our team of experts on how to move from knowing what to do to how to do it when it comes to building your resilience.


Access to all our coaches in regular sessions focusing on helping you create lasting healthy habits and thinking.


What's holding you back from reaching your full potential today. You get repeatable processes and a clear step-by-step plan.


Everyone in the community on hand to support each other, share wins and input. The community will be what we make it. Exclusive content. Special offers.


At launch, either payment plan will get you access to both community and online training that helps you navigate this challenging time with less stress and more resilience. 


Per month

  • Supportive Facebook community
  • Regular group coaching
  • Immediate access to our Stress Less Online Module (value £127)
  • Unique content and discounts



    • Monthly benefits plus:
    • 2 months free
    • Saving of £54 on monthly membership
    • Exclusive thank you offers throughout the year

      14 Day No RISK GUARANTEE

      Dramatic skills improvement or your money back


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      From the moment you join you will discover how to apply resilience skills and techniques to your dreams and setbacks

      You’ll get instant access to high quality online resilience training featuring training videos and articles. You’ll also get a minimum of a dozen resilience skills, pdf editable worksheets, cheatsheets and access to a members only Facebook group.

      PLUS! Exclusive content, recordings and materials that are not available with our standard online resilience courses.

      PLUS! Opt for the annual membership and it’s equivalent to two months of membership FREE – value (£54).

      After completing your first module called Stress Less you’ll walk away with the tools and techniques you need to alleviate stress in minutes, including:

      • The truth behind stress. Why you might be more stressed than you think - and how it may be impacting your mood, your thinking, sleep quality and health
      • The difference between pressure and stress and why it matters to health, wellbeing and performance
      • The sweet spot between hyper vigilance and calm and connected no matter what is going on around you
      • How to recognise the vital ingredient of stress that most people miss
      • The exact skills to immediately reduce stress and anxiety
      • Proven techniques to improve positive emotions on a daily basis
      • Uncovering the big obstacle that stops people moving forward
      • How to turn negative emotional triggers on their head

      In the time it takes to drink an Americano, you could boost your wellbeing and resilience

      Katy Schwartz was sitting at a small cafe on a Sunday morning. It had been a stressful week at work; she was feeling overwhelmed and starting to lose her confidence. She ordered a triple-tall and opened her laptop. Forty-five minutes later, she had learnt new resilience skills to lower stress and accessed the member’s Facebook group for a quick pick me up. “I hit ‘Download challenges.’ And within minutes, I was using the skills on myself and the people around me.”

      When you learn resilience skills with us, you can use them immediately

      Most online courses and groups you’re used to tend to be full of interesting models, anecdotes and quotes.You put in the time, learn something new, and it’s all meant to be life-changing. And that’s ok. Not everything is instant use and knowledge is good, but that’s why our membership is so refreshing.

      Every single skill you develop can and should build your resilience

      As incredible as the opportunities are in building your resilience, the challenges may seem just as big. That’s because there are so many courses and people offering all sorts of solutions. And too often you learn the hard way that, signing up for something is just a collection of videos and pdfs from people who are jumping on the resilience buzzword band wagon. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your membership is different. 

      Your membership exists to make it really, really easy for you to make sense of your resilience and wellbeing options. Led by the team of coaches and trainers behind high impact organisational resilience programmes, membership will strip away the mystique of building resilience.

      Join us to skip past the guesswork. Inside your community, you’ll get the frameworks, formulas, processes and repeatable techniques to plan, develop and build resilience skills that get results. 

      Whether you are looking to increase performance at work or build your emotional and mental confidence after a setback, you’ll get there sooner with a clear understanding of how to elevate your resilience and support from your membership community. All bundled together for one low price.

      PEOPLE SAY...

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      You will no longer have an excuse of being “stuck” because you will be given a variety of tools each month to help launch you into the direction you are meant to go!

      Each month is filled with resources that will work for everyone differently. You can expect to walk away with a better understanding of yourself and a game plan for how you can show up in the world as the best version of you. What’s awesome is that you can refer back to the resources again and again!

      There are a few surprises along the way, but you can expect to learn expert tips about defining your personal strengths and values, energy management tools, purpose development, goal-achieving, defining your unique resilience needs, and more!

      Of course! You can always unsubscribe and you can be reimbursed for one month.

      Since we started back in 2013, we have been a company dedicated to helping people live better, work better and feel better.  Our mission is to help people around the world help themselves and others be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in their everyday lives. We believe resilience skills and community resilience are the most effective way of achieving this.