Our word class resilience programme gives leaders and managers the skills they need to tackle real world challenges.

The challenge

Organisational life demands a lot from people today. The resiliency of leaders impacts how they think, feel and perform, and so it also impacts the performance and engagement of their teams. When resilience is high, leadership behaviour is high, stress is low and people report better team dynamics.


Builds the essential thinking, emotional and social skills that drive performance, maintain wellbeing and deliver results. Move beyond theory and develop skills that are taught in elite military, psychology, counselling and coaching environments that are proven to build resilience in you and the people around you. 

The results speak for themselves

Transform leadership, wellbeing and performance

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Increase in Engagement
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Increase in Productivity

The Resilience Programme made a significant difference to my personal growth and development. It's reduced my stress levels and I gained much better self-awareness and awareness of the impact my leadership style can have on other people who are different to me."

I've managed large scale transformation programmes and The Resilient programme added another dimension to the way I do things. It's noticeable to both me and the people around me."

raising wellbeing and performance in tandem

Transformational techniques & skills

100% evidence based, the focus is on building high levels of awareness and then developing the essential resilience skill set and mindset. The Resilience programme helps leaders create a personal roadmap to sustained resilience by answering the most pressing concerns of leaders and managers.

You will learn how to sustain energy levels under pressure, cope with disruptive changes and adapt. You will discover how to quickly recover from setbacks and overcome major difficulties without engaging in dysfunctional behaviour. 

You will learn how to take an active role in promoting resilience and boosting energy in your teams. The skills are transferable to other areas of your life so the benefit to you and the people around you is far reaching. You will improve relationships and bring more balance into your work and life.

You will be shown transformational resilience and coaching techniques that alter the root perspective from which you experience and respond to thinking patterns, actions and situations. 

Setbacks in leadership are a fact of life. You will explore your predominant thinking style, decision making process and build habits that cultivate positivity and discover meaning in adversity. 

Build strong relationships and you provide the security to take risks and stretch limits. You will learn skills designed to build solid bonds to drive high engagement in yourself and in the team. 


Designed for busy leaders by leaders

Based on years of delivery and development in leading organisations and delivered by facilitators with experience of leadership in industry and military environments.

Resilience advantage is delivered in 8 bite-size modules supported by a Digital Skills Academy, Resilience App and with micro challenges to drive skill development outside of the learning environment.

Responsive on-line resilience training