Resilient school: Students, teachers and parents

Helping students reach their full potential by increasing positive behaviour and academic results. While also ensuring their teachers and parents thrive.

The challenge

The secondary schools we worked with, wanted to equip their school communities with the vocational skills to bring about better learning, emotional stability, stronger relationships and personal success for their students.

How we helped

We delivered our award-winning resilience programme to Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students, and the parents and teachers who provide the support network around them.

The programme introduced a skillset and common language in which the school community could thrive, and successfully navigate the pressures and stresses of everyday life.

A whole school approach to building resilience

Removing barriers to learning and growth

Increase in positive behaviour
0 %
Reduction in the indicators of stress ​
- 0 %

This unique and innovative programme, based on building resilient students, parents and teachers, has helped build better learning, emotional stability, stronger relationships and personal success for our students. Above all, it has introduced them to a common language and a means of communication that has enabled our students, our staff and parents to better understand their own wellbeing and to cope with the pressures and stresses of the everyday demands in their busy lives.”

In my 30 years in Education, this unique programme is the only one I believe to have meaningful and measurable outcomes and one which demonstrates impact both in terms of mental health and preparing students for the 21st century work environment.”

It is clear there are opportunities and outcomes that would not only enable us as a community to tackle mental health issues but also create confidence and challenge in a world that is constantly changing. It provides a toolkit for life that could be a game-changer for how we support younger generations into the future.

As a teacher, I thought that a high stress environment with limited time and resource was inevitable. As a senior member of staff I have benefited from this programme both professionally and personally. I'm now much less stressed and much more effective. The great thing is that the skills are easy to use and transferable. It's enabled me to introduce the skills to those around me, resulting in a much happier and much more productive place to work.


From day one, the school community began communicating with a new language and applying new skills to existing challenges.

Students were asked to document their journey and both parents and teachers were regularly consulted on changing dynamics and relationships. 

The single biggest change that everyone noticed was a sustainable and positive change in relationships, trust and behaviour

% of students reporting an increased ability
Too manage conflict & relationships 95%
% of teachers agreeing reporting
Increased engagement levels at work 67%
% of teachers seeing a direct link
Between the skills and mental health 100%
Emma Ogilvie


” This project is an important milestone of or journey as it marked the start of a wider digital programme that is now included in the majority of senior schools in Jersey and beyond. We continue to find innovative ways for schools to access skills found in our multi-award winning learning and development programmes for organisations.”

Emma Ogilvie – Co-founder and Community Lead